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MLP CCG- Rock Paper Scissors Shoot

Yay!  Thanks to the announcement over on the Enterplay Facebook page and Twitter, I'm now allowed to talk about Fight Club.  Fight Club, of course, being a metaphor for getting to design the Rock Paper Scissors Shoot card for the MLP CCG Canterlot Nights Expansion!

It's hard to see all the itty bitty bits on the card, so here it is in biggy-sized glory!  Thanks so much to Rob and everyone at Enterplay and Hasbro for allowing me the honor of illustrating officially-sanctioned horse battles!  

I also desiggled Hearts Desire for Series 1

My Little Pony CCG- Hearts Desire Card by PixelKitties
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Am i rebooting lyra lover? 
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Yeah, this is possibly my favorite card art in the game. I think I bought a foil playset of this before I ever actually had other MLP CCG cards, just because. Never realized you were the one responsible for this monstrosity.
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I see no way of any confusions happening here... :P
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I just thought, if ponies play rock paper scissors, then I found this. They can only pick rock.
I expected Pinkie Pie due to her looney nature and Lyra the way she's depicted. You can have the Powerpuff Girls and Doraemon to join.
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Took my forever, but I finally got this card in one of the packs I bought a few days ago. I love Bon Bon's expression and her quote on the card is perfect.

And then I got it again today when I bought another pack. Funny how that works.
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I had a feeling this wasn't part of the Pony olympic games :D Great job ... looks great on the card.
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I recognized

twilight sparkle
pinkie pie
cheese sandwich
vinyl scratch
bon bon
derpy hooves
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hilarious but also in other internet videos lyra believes in human characteristics such as hands.
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 bon bon
 coco pommel
 cheese sandwich
 carrot top
 apple jack
 vinyl scratch
 ms. peach bottom
 ms harsh whinny
 dr. whooves

Those are all i know
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the ponies i recognize:

Bon Bon
Cheese Sandwhich
Twilight Sparkle
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How can PONIES play Rock Paper Scissors?
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They don't have fingers.
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That was a clone. So I'm still right.
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This is my favourite card from canterlot nights XD I fan girled so hard when I saw Lrya all pumped for this game and bonbon just so completely done! Its perfect!
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This game could result in many ties XD Actually, with what Pinkie can do with her hooves, I'm sure it won't last long :) 
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But how... but they don't have... but.... goddamn it.
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You mean hands right?
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I was totally at TrotCon, and had the foil version! I Shoulda came to get it signed! Amazing work!
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