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Lyra Beer Cooler

That's it. I'm done. No more multi-purpose Lyra for you.

Also, it's total rubbish at keeping your beer cold.
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reminds me of a real picture i saw of a Pokemon-themed cell-phone charger...
that's right, the cell-phone was plugged into Pikachu's butt!
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That homer stamp XD haha  I"d want one of these but my mom was generous and now I have like 5 RUSH beer coozies
I don't get it
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It looks like someone's shoving a beer up Lyra's butt
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The only thing that disturbs me is, that at least one plushie on DA is equipped with a pocket at that particulair place. And no, i don't share the link. Some guys have strange ideas. And there's a demand for it?
Seriously, i would make the same face as her if i find something like this.
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Looked up what this refers to. Don't think i have come across such a hilarious yet disgusting item in my life lol
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This gives the beer quite the attitude.

Like saying "shove it" but literally. Definitely makes the user look cooler. Although I wonder what lyra would say.
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Lyra Beer Cooler: "So cold... so very cold..." :rofl:
Remind me to never become a beer cooler. xD
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UGH. this thing again? i got this in the mail last week! this darn brand of lyra beer! this better not tatse like Lyra butt!
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This is about the funniest thing I've yet to see on DeviantArt :D WONDERFUL! /)*(\
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what have we,the people of Earth,created?
it looks like one of those things you see people have over the heads of there golf clubs.
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I've heard of cozying up to your fave pony, but...
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I always loved your expression in this pic! :giggle:
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Haha Homer on the box
A-and-S-Studios's avatar
So... you put it in her ass?

... XD
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You put glass in her vagina?! (Reffrence)
A-and-S-Studios's avatar
lol you get that from Pony mov? XD
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Probably a more tasteful use of the doll.
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who would make that plushie
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An embarrassment to the brony community, that's who
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