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Literally Seriously

My 12-step program to stop making overused Scootaloo chicken jokes seems to be working. Thankfully, chickens are inherently funny, even when they're not being compared to flightless Cutie Mark Crusaders!

Oh, also, here's a comic! A bunch of my comics have been kind of big, crazy monstrosities lately, so I thought I would try something a bit simpler. My only regret is that by limiting the panels I didn't have room for a Serious Sam joke.

You'll just have to imagine one of those big headless dudes with bombs for hands running through Ponyville.

PS- First time tagging a comic with "Beverly Hills 90210" so that has to be some kind of terrible milestone in my life...
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say's the guy who is never serious

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Twilight: Yes I am.
Discord: No you're not. You're not trying, you're not even making sense.
Twilight: But Discord, what fun is there in making sense?
Discord: ............. Well played Twilight.
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oh ma gawd Kelly!
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And Discord, You look silly,which is making her act silly!
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I'm getting ready to do something too. I'm running for president. XD
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Discord: I am TRYING to have a serious conversation with you here!

Twilight: I am too! And I'm failing. And I'm sorry.
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Love it 'cause the chicken
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Discord: It's almost you WANT me to become a villain again
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Says the person with a princess chicken wearing sunglasses on his head and a giant pocket watch around his neck.
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...says the demon chimera with the chicken on his head...
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This reads in my head as a pony video of Discord saying something else and an audio clip from and old movie being played over it.
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I fully accept this entire comic as canon. LOLFOREVER at Discord! Beautiful drawing style! Thank you for a wonderful laugh!
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Is it just me, or did Twilight's horn become longer?
it did and she became a little taller too
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Yup, I can clearly see it now.
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:iconsillydiscordplz: Really, I feel ridiculous just standing next to you.
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