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Kingdom Hearts/ Julia Meynen Autograph Pic

I've been so busy I almost forgot to upload the final GalaCon Autograph pic!  This time it's for the German voice of Princess Book, Julia Meynen and in keeping with GalaCon's theme I went with a Kingdom Hearts homage with a multiverse of purple princess ponies.

Full Disclosure- I've never actually played Kingdom Hearts!  I'm not a huge fan of either Disney OR Square/JRPGs so there never seemed to be much in it for me.  Now that Disney is God Emperor of Marvel and Star Wars maybe I'll have a reason to check them out!

That's it for GalaCon images.  See you next week in Ludwigsburg!  
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Well this just escalated quickly...
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Met lots of fun and somewhat serious and cool people and you :iconpixelkitties: 
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Shut up and take my money!
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everyone else seem to show p in kingdom hearts why not.
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I wonder if you can make a picture of the MLP edition of Def Jam Fight For NY...
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cool as crapTwilight Sparkle Celestia smile Luna 50X50 (icon smaller) 
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"HayStation." Love it :D
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Too Epic too explain 

My mind was like::explosion: remake 
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This is cool! Great job :thumbsup:
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11 ponies out of 10
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Aw man...
I don't have a Haystation.
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Yay Twilicane is canon :D
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WOW! just... WOW!!
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I'll buy it even if it was a million bucks!!!!
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oh wow not a kingdom hearts fan but this looks good
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Rated F for Friendship.

So. honkin'. COOL!
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This is amazing! I love Kingdom Hearts! And Twilight! Perfect match! <3
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twicane u r mai hero
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How amazing! I was obsessed with Kingdom Hearts when I was younger. 
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kingdom hearts
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HAYStation 2
rated P+ for Ponies 13+

really cool!
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