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Kelly Metzger Autograph Pic

The incredible Kelly Metzger, voice of the equally incredible Spitfire, will be attending Midwest Brony Fest next week and she needed an autograph card.  So it shall be done!  Has been done.  Have a thing! 
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I really love Spitfire but this she was completely out of character and I lost so much respect for her. I personally don't think she would bale Sorin like that or desrespect a different wonder bolts confort zone. In past episodes it shows she is loyal and kind to WB members mostly Sorin. I just hope season 5 does her.
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sorry this season. Not this. I love your artwork.
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I like her original voice better, but Metzger seems to do a fine job as well.
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The original? Are you talking about Nicole Oliver (who voiced her in "Sonic Rainboom")? Metzger voiced Spitfire since "Best Night Ever".
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Really? The voice in Best Night Ever sounded much less scratchy than her voice post-season 1. Maybe it's just me.
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spitfire get your fire ass and burn Trixie please! she tried to kill me
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Happy Birthday to Reginald Joseph Mitchell, the Father of the Supermarine Spitfire!
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Her hair is sideways
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All i can say is..........Amazing, :D
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Awwwww...Spitfire is AWESOME! :)
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Looks great! Too bad I won't be at Midwest Brony Fest.
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She looks stunning! :love:
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While I won't be in attendance, I will always enjoy more Spitfire art.  Thanks!
Would've been nice if you also had Sugar Sprinkles, the kitty from Littlest Pet Shop, in the drawing. I love that character so much.
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Best part of that episode.
Spitfire looks a bit nerdy on this art for some reasons.
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Damn you and your awesome autograph card! :la:
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Fantastic work. Again it always envies me how you get to do these awesome pieces for the awesome cast and crew. :D
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