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So... BatPink (BatMare), Wonder BonBon, and SuperShy...  I dig it!
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Does that lyre means Lyra crafts Bon Bon's weapons? 
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Absolutely!  Except they all require fingers and hands to operate!
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Why Fluttershy? I thought you were one of my favourites. Why would you dress up as my most hated superhero?😢
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Nothing strengthens friendship better than a good party ^_^
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Looks like these three ponies are having fun
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Would have been a better movie
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First thing I thought Pinkie was dressed as was War Machine. Then Steel. Then I remembered one of the many reasons this whole shared universe ended up being so unbelievably dumb.

Solo vector of WonderBonBon incoming I hope?
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Some cowboy from the 1940's featured So-and-s0, the "Wonder Horse". Different idea tho.
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Big twist, Fluttershy's mother is also named CLoudy and Pinkie Pie discovers that their moms share the same name
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Nice, da pillow fights be reel =p
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Are their mothers both called Mare-tha? ;P
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Just-us Ponies! ;-)

Excellent art, PK.
They're here to fight for truth, justice, and the Equestrian way.

If I may ask, is there any specific idea behind which ponies you chose for each role, or was it kinda random?
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It was an autograph piece for Andrea Libman, so it had to be the various ponies she gives voice to!  Beyond that, no real rhyme or reason for who is portraying who!

Actually, I take that back!  Fluttershy is SuperMare because she can actually fly!
What did she think? Did she saw it?
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One of my jobs is creating autograph art for the cast and crew to sign at conventions. I believe the Wonder Woman/Superman/Batman theme was actually her idea!
Who? Andy Libman? Does the cast know ya well?
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