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Julie Basecqz/ Rarity GalaCon Autograph Card

Another of the autograph cards I designed for the VAs attending GalaCon next weekend in Ludwigsburg, Germany. This time it's for Julie Basecqz, the French voice of Rarity! The GalaCon organizers asked for an image of Marshmallow Pone surfing the white sand beaches of Rügen's coast.

As with the previous autograph card for Andrea I'll have this pic at Steel City Con in Pittsburgh this weekend and Bronycon in Baltimore next weekend, minus Julie's prized signature.
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Hey PixelKitties, do you have a vector pic of Rarity in her swimsuit seen here?
Seiya-Meteorite's avatar
Love Rarity's swimsuit! :D

Even if the few that likes rarity's swimsuit before a crab gets to it first when the few hope Opal isn't after a fine feathered snack when a cardinal and blue jay are fighting over cherries.

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schneelocke's avatar
That's awesome. I love how relaxed Rarity's looking there.
Th3Ph0b1aP0n3's avatar
Awesome! Very adorable! But one question...what is "seebad binz"? :lol:
schneelocke's avatar
A seaside resort on the island of Rügen, apparently:
Th3Ph0b1aP0n3's avatar
Thanks for the info. :)
kennyg302's avatar
Spike is somewhere in the background with binoculars, somewhere. 
tifzhe299's avatar
May I base this?
Marceline347's avatar
The crab has a mustache -_-
CartoonFreak666's avatar
Those are mandibles. Most arthropods have them.
Marceline347's avatar
Oh I know, I was just joking..Sweating a little...  thank you though! :)
KittenLoverPink's avatar
man,some people just make art exactly like the cartoon :)
Joshdexter45's avatar

then spike gets a nose bleed, passes out and has wet dreams XD


all jokes asside this is addorible

NinjaShadow-X's avatar
Do you have the vector of the swimsuit-clad Rarity without the background?
NinjaShadow-X's avatar
Nice work on Rarity wearing a swimsuit. Any chance of creating Fluttershy wearing the same thing but in much different colors?
Jonakeloh's avatar
this is why people think bronies are pony-humping pervs. 

we treat our non-existent horse-wiafus with respect!
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