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Jason Takes Manehattan

By PixelKitties
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New episode, made a comic, time for chicken wings!

After getting a few angry comments and messages over the past few weeks I should mention that I don't make these early comics in order to be a jerky jerk or "cheat" other artists out of precious internet views or favs.  I really just enjoy coming up with my own, often dumb, storyline based on the episode trailers and previews.  It's my way of enjoying the new episode excitement.  I've been doing it since Season 2 and it's just dumb fun for me.  

Please don't hate me!

UPDATE- Fixed a bucket of mistakes because I can't publish a comic without derping at least half of it!
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Sometimes you will be taken in ('mkay?)
By ponies, mary-jane and sin...
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Wait, in the first panel, is that?, I'm probably imagining things.
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What did you saw?
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maybe two doctor hooves but theres just one, the other pony near him has a black mane XD
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Jason: Alright jackasses you know the do sex and drugs you die
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d-dont smoke weed
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drop the T in bitch because bich is latin for generosity 
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Omfg the guy on the last panel...
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so did the yellow unicorn get her cutie mark??? XD
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I know but I really want to know how she got it. Did she discover her special talent as a CHILD?? lol
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Hmm...ok lol cutie mark crusader aged pony finds weed and smokes it...well seems legit XD
xX-SuPer-RaInBoW-Xx's avatar
The yellow unicorns cutie mark is a blue picture of marijuana...O_O
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(  i  /
 |  (___
 | <_>  )$
  \|     |/ |

^ Alicorn :"D
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"What's a unicorn?" SAYS TEH UNICORN ^ 0_o *BACKS AWAY*
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"I'll just go freshen up.......ABANDON THREAD!!!!!"
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Its H20 Delirious!
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How do you like your horse meat cooked? Kikiki hahaha...
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Duuuuude I didn't see this coming either. Risque move but it paid off and I still think it's funny!
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Cannabis for a cutie mark? Now I've seen everything.
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