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Jammy Jams and Juice Boxes erryday.

That's how I roll. 
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I might have owned that shirt back in '86.
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Golly, is it Jam and Juice time already?
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Did she borrow that shirt from Cadance?
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Far Out! Wicked! Tubular!

...all on the other side.
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That T-shirt is SO not her. :P
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That, my friend, is a polo shirt. Not a T-shirt.
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We love you, Chryssy!
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MMMM! Love juice!
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giggty gitt! XD
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A little like a Conehead alien?
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You always make feeling old be okay, and I love it.  (I'm a child of the 80's, so I remember phrases like "radical, dude!")  I could definitely see Chrysalis being just out of touch enough with modern pony society that she uses 1980's slang thinking that it's still hep.  :P
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Chryssi is so freakin cute!!
Sure she's a villan, but shes loved by alot of fans.

We all love chryssi!
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I don't... I hate her almost as much as I hate Luna or Fluttershy.

Chrysalis gets off easy because I hate her overzealous fanbase more than the character herself (though I must say, she is a terrible actress... Can't even feign kindness long enough to keep Twilight Sparkle off her back)
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Love that unkempt look of Her mane and tail :heart: 
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I like her shirt.
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You can do whatever the fuck you like with our hooves to the wall!
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Chryssy, I lub you.
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Gurl, what is WITH that hair? Your theme is holes, not split ends! Someone get brushie on set, stat!
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