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If you like it then you shoulda put wings on it

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THANK GOD Hasbro is SMART enough to NEVER DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Actually I wouldn't mind
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hey there! i was that person ._. i didnt know dA was an art website i thought it was an image hosting website. Sorry about that!
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The next correct evolution. ;p
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I am okay with this.  This does not anger me.  Actually, Trixie looks DAMN good like this.
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So you started the chicken pot pie meme
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Chicken pot Pie! You know, in case you want some... chicken wings... yeah... wiiingsss... Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon

Huh, what? Sorry, lost my train of thought there. Chicken wings. KFC Chicken Epic Dance You made my day. :D (Big Grin) 
Dafuq is this Emoticon.Break Out of the Box I like.
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Not bad, but her wings are on her neck.
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Trixie looks so awesome as an alicorn. :love: (\s/)
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Only rivalled by Princess Big Mac. 
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Could we have a version without the clothes but with those neck-wings? Devilish 
Trixie is best Alicorn!
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She got Larson'd.
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Couldn't resist XD
If she entered Ponyville like that, it would have been during episode 4/26.  She would have encountered 4-alicorn power Twilight and been like "What in Equestria do I need to do to beat you???" At that point Tirek would see her and drain her magic. 
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Best alicorn.  Deal with it.
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Don't stop, pony Trixie in her EG hoodie is best thing ever, so cozy and cute.
Wings are fluffy too.
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