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Hi Resolution Equestria Map

By PixelKitties
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NOTE- Moved to Scraps.

At this point, I think everyone has seen these photos of the Walmart posters and/or they've been recreated and reposted to the moon and beyond. These posters are NOT my work, I claim no ownership, copywrite, or responsibility. They're just amature photos of awesome, amazing, absolutely incredible posters. my goal was just to give everyone a chance to see and enjoy them.

The other three beautiful posters were designed by AllSpark Forums user Nayuki-[link] This map, however, was designed by some other extremely talented and wholly awesome artist! If I find out who it is, I will post the info here.

For an even BIGGER HD version of the map here's a link to the file in my Dropbox. Be warned, it's a nearly 10MB file, so YONDER TO BANDWIDTH- [link]

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omg i saw these at walmart and i grabbed like ha;f of them ! still have them to this day 
PixelKitties's avatar
I still have a few left as well!  I treasure them!
MsColorsplash's avatar
right it's a nice little gem
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And here's the complete map, now that the movie is out! 😁;…
EvanaW's avatar
Where is Rainbow Falls?
AndyofIndiana's avatar
Is the train station for Canterlot in the mountain itself.  That's gotta be at least a 3,000 foot elevation change, how do they get the rails up there?
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Perhaps the city itself is located closer to sea level, but the palace is higher in elevation. The city of La Paz, Bolivia may have an altitude difference of that much.
Light-Fire-Scout's avatar
I wish i can go to their world insted of earth right now
Take me with you :)
RensMeerkat's avatar
So what's beyond the Frozen North and the Badlands?
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
That is one big place of a map.
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
bazla1236's avatar
where is Crystal empair?
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The episode aired in November 2012. This picture was posted in August 2012. So this map depicts Equestria as seen before season 3.
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Do anyone  realize that the CE (Crystal Impair) is not on the map? 
Omnifighter1's avatar
So... Ponyville is in South Dakota?
Angel-Kazekage's avatar
so if you compare this with a map of North America, the Crystal Kingdom is where Canada should be and the Bad Lands are where Mexico should be
Divine-Angel-Heroine's avatar
Did you finally figure out who made this?
LightningChaser42's avatar
The Dropbox file doesn't work...
kingdomavatar's avatar
I didn't know Equestria was that big. 
Anyone notice the LotR Reference?
jokootle's avatar
The misty mountains? 
Alecindas's avatar
Very good! Now I can do stuff better.
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