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Here We Are Again As In Olden Days


This is another updated version of an old thingie.  Added a background and fixed some weirdness with Celestia's mane.

Happy ALMOST Holidays!  Hope all your shopping, preparation, baking and panic are coming along nicely!
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Great work. How's things going?
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fitting since in A FRIENDSHIP TO REMEMBER EQUESTRIA GIRLS book  Sunset finally went to appologize for her behavior to Princess Celestia.
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Goodness, so many fans have delivered on a reunion between Celestia and Sunset. You're looking pretty slow there, Hasbro...!
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Celestia: Here you go, Sunset! Happy Hearths Warming!

Sunset Shimmer: Oh, Celestia! *SNIFF* Nopony's ever been this kind to me. I don't know what to say...
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Excellent art, PK.
Happy holidays.
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Love the coloring! Happy Holidays!
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Daaaw this is great, very nicely done here.
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This is really touching seeing Bacon hair with Tia!
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Still waiting for this beautiful moment in the show, thank you for a glimmer of hope. 
;w; :heart:
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Fabulous, darling!
Still makes me wish Sunset would return home one day.

And when the time comes, Happy Holidays! 
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I wonder how close Celestia and Sunset was, neither of them seem to be trying to get back in touch with one another 
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Is Princess Celestia getting older? Is that why she's wearing glasses?
By the way, that dress that Sunset is wearing is divine!
Yes, there was a time in Equestria when love was even freer than it is now. :)
Beautiful. But why is Celly dressed as John Lennon?
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Delightful! So when did Celestia start wearing glasses, or am I missing a reference? 
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Nope, she's just getting old.
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D'aaawww ^^

Love the outfits you gave them as well :>
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