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Hearth's Warming Eve 2013

Tomorrow Mr. Kitties and I will be traveling over the river and through the woods on our way to holiday festivities, but before we left I wanted to share some Hearth's Warming Cheer with my fellow tiny horse fans!

I hope everyone's holiday is merry and bright and full of cheer!  

And a heartfelt thanks to all my friends here and across the fandom.  As I said on Twitter;  This has been one of the best years of my life. Not because of ANYTHING I did, but because I got to know all of you- IRL, at cons and online. 

The people around us shape us and influence our lives and experience every day. You, my friends have made the journey a wonder and a joy.  Here's to another year of friendship, magic and all the happiness that comes with it!

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Not-sarcastic quote: No bah, no humbug!

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Does electricity exist in Equestria? How does Rarity have a phone and Where did that plug come from?

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Happy Christmas
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I want to see Krampus visit them.
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Oh my god this is Rich! I love it instantly (big fan XD as if ya couldn't tell Xp)
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Mind if I use this awesome pic for a holiday music vid I'm doin'?
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rarishy... lol I like pinkieshy better its only in my opinion...
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Ooh, do I see some Rarishy there on the left? X3
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lark-a-griff's avatar
Rarishy... AppleDash...
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Love the Flarity/Rarishy development in the corner.
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Lo I meant  staphstaph
Divapony101's avatar
Lol rarity XD I take pics to
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Why would Rarity get under the mistletoe with Fluttershy?  She's obviously straight.  You're freaking me out.
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Wow, this looks amazing!  :+fav:
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:iconflutternoplz: Rarity. What are you doing? Rarity. STAHP.
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first thing I noticed in this was that one snowflake makes applejack look like she has one buck tooth lol
princesss-freckles's avatar
That Rarishy selfie though XD
FaithfulAndStrong's avatar
That Selfie on your icon though X(
WildBeastTamerdoesMC's avatar
Lol Rarity is taking a selfie
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I can't help but see something wrong with Twilights eye
otherwise this is fantasticly amazingly awesome
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