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He followed me home!

Can I keep him?
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Nice work. how's things going?

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is daddy scrooge going to let you keep him?

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Webby is the best.

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Fentry: See?! This was the mutant Lizard I detected in the Mariana Trench 10 years ago!

Donald: That's the mountain I saw just near the Bermuda Triangle before it disappeared!

Gladstone: And that's the giant foot that I was luckily not stepped by!

Della: And that's the pet dinosaur I wanted all those years ago!

Scrooge and triplets: ... Well curse me kilts.

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Webby-baby's new giant buddy! :D But who'll be Kong's buddy?

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History shows

Again and again

How Webby points out

The folly of men

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That is so cool! I can totally see Webby having a love/appreciation for powerful monsters.

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He's adorable! ;)

Webby, you are now dying of severe radiation poisoning.

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Wonder if this means Louie through Louie Inc. will crea--[REDACTED]

Oops, that's a spoiler, can't mention that bit of the film yet

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Godzilla2019plz "I am The King!!!"

KingKong2017plz " No! I'm The King! I'm gonna Sucker Punch you!!!"

Godzilla2019plz "Bring it on, you, stupid, big ape!"

KingKong2017plz "It is on!!!"


Comfortable Awkwardness "Oh, boy! This ain't good."

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As a mammal, I'm feeling a little rejected right now ngl

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For all those constant 'heroes vs heroes' or similar found in: movies, comics, or TV episodes sometimes I feel the "Goddess of Sunny Friendship Get Along Time" is needed:

Webby: "Stop fighting! BE FRIENDS! (ZAP)

Ha Ha Ha Haa! Tremble before the terrible might of FRIENDSHIP! Ha Ha Ha Haa!"

She probably reasoned, befriend, or kick Godzillia's and Kong's but and now they bow to her :)

LOL yeah, I can totally see this happening! :-D

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They will both teach everyone to be nice :XD:

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CHARGE, MY PRETTY! CHARGE! - Webby, most likely.

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It was only a matter of time the moment I saw that photo on Instagram. 10/10 I approve!

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