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Happy Trixie Day!

Truly the most Great and Powerful of all holidays!

A million thanks to The Pony Producer over at Twitter for reminding me of this auspicious occasion! FOUR long Years Ago Today, on November 19, 2010 The Great and Powerful Best Pony made her debut in Boast Busters!

Celebrate the day by contemplating the importance of Trixie in your life while sipping on a delicious hay latte!
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Trixie EqG (a great the power full trixie) plz  : ¡A Great And Powerfull Trixie is Flying!
 Twilight (Sly Smile) Plz :  Heeeeee Nope you're flying through my
Trixie EqG (a great the power full trixie) plz  No!, I am a Alicorn!
GIF My Little Pony - Crazy! : It's Crazy 
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Bwahahaha, that's priceless!

Poor porr Twilight! x°
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i believe i can fly!!!!!! :happybounce: 
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trixie fans give me an trixie is so awesome 
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:iconmlptrixieplz: :iconsaysplz: Mark this day well, Bronies, for it is the day The Great and Powerful Trixie first came into your lives and made them almost as glorious as Trixie herself.

:icontwilightsparkleplz: :iconsaysplz: Really?

:iconmlptrixieplz: :iconsaysplz: Yes, Sparkle, "really."  And had not Trixie come into your unenlightened life you would still be a simple unicorn, and Trixie wouldn't have the pleasure of using you as her personal steed.

:iconfacehoofplz: :iconsaysplz: Celestia help me.
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"Why did I agree to this..."
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Thats actually some pretty impressive wingpower by Twilight if you think about it.
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I was thinking about that too.
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Aww, that's sweet. It's okay, Twilight. It looks like you're giving Trixie a really special day! :) After this you'll get a special day for yourself, too.
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Poor Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Go The Great and Powerful Trixie. 
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Twilight: what do u think u r doin -.-
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Heh heh heh, very cute :D
Gkvfflowergirl's avatar
Geez! Has it been four years already!? Go Trixie! Fly Twilight into a wall and jump off!
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Happy Trixie is best Trixie XD
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Wow! Trixie is sure having a great and powerful time. :lol:
It be great if season 5 featured a scene like this. I bet it would be comedy gold. :aww:
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I believe I can fly... :XD:
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Wow! Great job with this. ^^
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U lier that's not on they calander!!
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