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Happy Birthday Seth!

I owe Seth and EQD a tremendous debt.  There's no doubt that, had it not been for Equestria Daily, I'd never have latched onto Friendship is Magic as much as I did.  Having a website gave the burgeoning fandom a sense of community and acted as a focal point for all the amazing art and music and fan-content as well as news!  It was an amazing feeling seeing my horse stuff featured there the first time...and it still is to this day.

And of course, Seth and I share a refined taste in Best Pony!

Happy Birthday Seth!  Sorry I'm a couple days late.  I'm behind on EVERYTHING lately! <3
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Your picture is super helpful right now, I'm making SugarCoat in pony form in her Crystal Prep kit and it's a bit harder than anticipated. Thank you so much!
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Finished SugarCoat up, seen here:… . Thank you!
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All I want for Christmas is a cute blue pony!
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Beautiful PixelKitties!!! You've captured the best of the best pony! Thanks for sharing!
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Yes, very nicely done here and very cute.
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YAY! Trixie's so cute!
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Seems we all share the same refined taste. Best pony truly is best pony.
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daw its a hit
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Twilight was always so adorkable, being the book nerd that she is. But now we get to see Trixie being equally adorkable in her own cute nerdy way as a Canterlot High girl. :) To our good brony Sethisto and all he has given to the brony community with Equestria Daily, and his devoted Trixie love. As to what's in the box, if it's a gift for the Great and Apologetic show-off, let's hope it's peanut butter crackers. :P We love you, Trixie! :heart: Hope you can come back for next season, too.
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Awesome!! Thanks a ton Pixel! That description makes me feel <3

Onward to another decade of TRIXIE! 
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Woo! We owe him and EQD a debt, then, for bringing you into MLP:FiM, too. :)
Excellent, excellent work. happy birthday, Seth. :)
I half-imagine Trixie barging into Twilight's study room every other day and trying to get her to come out and be more socially active.
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Definitely Best Pony.
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Trixie being cute and adorable. Who knew? ;-)
Excellent art, PK.
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Well done. I know Seth will like it for sure.
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So Cute!!! :D :D :D Awesome job!! :D :D :D
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Trixie in any outfit will make Seth jump for joy, I like the outfit you gave her! <3
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