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Happy Birthday Peter New

HOORAY!  It's Peter New Day and that means it's the best possible excuse for "borrowing" a kid's scooter, grabbing your little sister and taking on the aspect of the Spirit of Vengeance!  

If you have a chance, I know it would mean the world to Peter if you could send him a birthday wish or, better yet, share your own fanart or favorite pics of his characters over on Twitter or Instagram
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What in tarnation has gotten into mah brother?

So metal it's made of win. :D

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Happy Halloween!

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Ghost Rider huh? Well played

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Applebloom’s face is hilarious!

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Ok that is cool.

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And that scooter ain't coming back in one piece.

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I'm trying to think of a ghost rider pun involving apples but I'm coming up blank.

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That reminds me... Doug Walker still hasn't paid CR for animating Ghost Pony Rider 7 years ago.

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The myth, the Legend! Has returned to her roots! ^^

Great Stuff, PK!

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