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Hanukkah Ponies Two

My original plan this weekend was to make MLP FIM-themed Hanukkah gift wrap starring Rarity, since she was strangely absent from the rolls of FIM Xmas wrap I picked up this week. Unfortunately I'm tired and I don't really feel like doing all the formatting and additional design to make the project a reality.

So, instead, have a nice little image of Rarity and Sweetie Belle preparing for eight crazy nights of Hanukkah action! What is "Hanukkah action," exactly? I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it involves both ninjas AND gefilte fish.

I'll prolly adapt this into another little banner and send it off to Equestria Daily. Seth and his fine team can decide which one best encompasses their Hanukkah coverage!
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Sweetie Belle's such a puppy... :giggle:
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I don't like the way this boat is looking at you he's got a nose that is gigantic and disgusting too and I hate his fucking face I am a Jew.
Welcome back to the gamiest grumps that you know
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Rarity sings hatikvah-Kol ‘od balevav penimah Nefesh yehudi homiyah, Ul(e)fa’atei mizrach kadimah, Ayin letziyon tzofiyah; Od lo avdah tikvateinu, Hatikvah bat sh(e)not ’alpayim, Lihyot ‘am chofshi b(e)’artzeinu, Eretz-Tziyon viy(e)rushalayim.
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Luna-sweaty you're a nazi
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14/88! Although considering how many uploads he or she similar to this, pixel is probably Jewish.
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Looks like cognitive dissonance, how generously element can be in judaism, that is famous how miser and goons? 
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Is Rarity REALLY Jewish?!?!!?!??!?!
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No it is only idea of it, we can draw the same with any culture, nor only sionis 
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That's really adorable. I love Rarity's Beret!
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So wute! And so Jewish... I had a Jewish Girlfriend once! She ripped heart out roasted it and fed it the my Dog! 
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Cool my two of my favorite ponies and the holiday I celebrate.
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That would explain Rarity's cutie mark...
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It's Jew collecting time it's Jew collecting money time
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This holiday has it's origins in the pre-Equestria-founding unicorn tribe, hence the name: Hornukkah.


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Awesome art man, I love this. :)
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I'm a little lost.  What speculation is there to show that they are jewish?  The last thing I want to do is be offensive, I just don't quite get it.
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Art man, this is just art, not canon.
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Aha! Now I know why she hates Blueblood! The stuck-up prick's an anti-Semi!
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actually the cliché fits perfect for Rarity to bee jewish :D

great work.

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Jewish ninjas, eh? Oh, I've heard of those; Ziva from NCIS, right?
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