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Hanukkah Ponies

I'm getting later and later with my Saturday submissions! It didn't help that I am battling the flu to a coughing, aching, stuffy-head feverish standstill at the moment!

Anyhoo, have some Hanukkah goodness with Rarity and Sweetie Belle being taken to the Dreidel cleaners by Pinkie Pie. I made this for the Equestria Daily banner contest, so if Derpy Clause is especially coherent and checks my list twice, this might show up sometime around Hanukkah (That's Dec 20-28 for all you gentiles out there!)

In case you're not familiar, when playing Dreidel, it's customary to make bets with little chocolate coins called Gelt. When you spin the Dreidel, and if it lands on a certain symbol known as Gimel, you win the entire pot in one go! It's sort of like rolling Nat 20s in D&D, except more delicious.

Pinkie Pie seems to be either extraordinarily good at playing Dreidel, or she's utilizing the power of her Pinkie Sense to cheat. Either way, Rarity is not amused!
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acualy menoras haz 7 candellz lelz
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A Hanukkia (the special menorah for Hanukkah) has 9 candles.
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Ah... Dreidel the exact reason the Jewish Child stays in the faith cause you can't gamble at Christmas!
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Aww... Rainbow and Scoots aren't there...
Bysthedragon's avatar
I'd have expected Twilight to be jewish!
Agirl3003's avatar
hehe my mom reminded me its the first night to <3
PineyCreek's avatar
Pinkie and Rarity are Jewish. I learn something new everyday.
fluttershywriter's avatar
lol this is hilarious! nicely done!
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:O are you Jewish too?
BelieveBeluga's avatar
I had a little dreidle
I made it out of clay
I weighted it a little
to always land on Hay!

(true story)
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Isn't it kinda shooting yourself in the hoof to eat your winnings as quickly as you earn them?
madman12000's avatar
Rarity - "That... that was my life savings!"
Pinkie - "Double or nothing for the shop?"
Sweetie - "Sis, you have a problem!"
Rarity - "Only if you take my sister too."
Pinkie - "Deal."
Sweetie "... :("
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You know the coins are chocolate right?
PixelKitties's avatar
I'm pretty sure that's exactly the way this is going to play out!
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Well never met a jewish vrony before YAY DIFERCITY (damm delxia lwt me spell right!!)
Sandwich-Anomaly's avatar
pinkie is cheating, when it involves a massive amount of sweets she always cheats. or hax...


wait, theyre jewish?
FinalGamer's avatar
XD first time I seen anything Jewish with MLP and oh my god it's adorable.

...I can kinda see Rarity and Sweetie Belle as Jewish yes...made all the funnier with their parents' accents.

"Now Rarity dontchoo get yer hooves in a twist, he's just a putz, an' he's a shlimazl fer not treatin' you right, I betcha!"
Alright, after this I'm always playing Black Jack on Christmas.
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