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Halloween 3 Horse

The oft-maligned Halloween 3- Season of the Witch is my go-to movie for this, the spookiest of holidays!  

If you're around or abouts, feel free to join me over at my livestream starting at 1pm EST today for a host of holiday goodies, including crazy guys in Shatner masks that AREN'T Shatner,  Donald "What The Hell Am I Doing Here" Pleasance and that earworm-ready Silver Shamrock theme!
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Oh god that scared me for life when I saw the pumpkin head scene XD
Lars99's avatar
AHHH! THE PUMPKIN HEAD! :iconscaredscootalooplz:
Damn, I'm sorry that I missed this! I still haven't seen Halloween 3 unedited :(
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flippedoutkyrii's avatar
Halloween 3 was far above the many lackluster sequels IMO.

Nice to see I'm not alone :D
ElDoctoredeLupin's avatar
Fair enough but that's not saying much. That's like saying the working station wagon is better than a car frame on cinder blocks. Halloween 3 is perfectly passable as a movie but it doesn't bear the kind of horror that people can really get behind like Halloween did. A cultish plan to kill the world's children through magical masks is indeed creepy but it is un-relateable on a psychological level whereas the very realistic fear of a singular entity stalking and trying to kill you, is a much more vulnerable and understandable terror that is more effective in offering a lasting impact. 
flippedoutkyrii's avatar
Very true.

But I feel this realistic tone of horror was best related to the first movie, where Michael Myers was still very human (also, the remake wasn't that bad either, I thought Malcolm McDowell was amazing as Dr. Loomis)

However, while I loved Halloween 2, it certainly followed many slasher movie tropes and nearly portrayed Michael Myers as a super human near the end, swinging his knife even with two bullets in his eyes.

The movies onwards started to loss their appeal, with H5 Revenge of Michael Myers featuring very paranormal traits in Michael and H6 Curse of Michael Myers went straight into stereotypical cult territory (granted, this was in the Producers cut, which I thought was far superior to the original film, which was massive disservice to Donald Pleasence, especially considering it was his last movie before his unfortunate death)

It wasn't until H20 where it went back to it's roots, situated firmly in reality, giving it a wonderful sense of harrowing realism and uneasiness not seen since the first film.

Also, Station Wagons can be pretty awesome if you let a grease-monkey go to town on them :D…
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Nice look, Trixie!
pupshackle's avatar
I feel like singing again....I remember this movie, the second I saw the pic I knew exactly what it was! :)
SoldierBoyXIII's avatar
That's either a Nightmare Night costume or a REALLY bad day
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
I love that movie too and I don't get it why it gets so much hate, it's just undeserved!
And you'll never forget this melody once you've heard it!
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ZSnation2440's avatar
I think the movie is great, song and animation looks really good
Krazylec's avatar
Too much spookiness!
pj202718's avatar
It's the GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT and Powerful Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!!!
Okay, that is genuinely scary.
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My go-to movie is and has always been The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Alas, like poor Jack in his slump, I feel as if I'm in my own as of late.  Even the upbeat, cheery, whimsical nature of the film seems to have a dull point while it tries to pierce the veil over my heart as of late.
Eli-J-Brony's avatar
It's Trixie Pumpkinhead.
ardashir's avatar
Heh, another Halloween 3 fan? It does have its moments, though I'll never stop wondering how the villain was able to sneak the Heel Stone from Stonehenge out past British customs!
BoneSatellite's avatar
I hate that one, but not for the reason most people do. Seeing bodies disintegrate into bugs is one of the most disgusting things I can imagine. Just thinking about it makes me extremely, unpleasantly nauseous.
DestinyDecade's avatar
Okay, now I'm scared. Very nice.
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