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Gummy Classy Cola

Gummy doesn't always hang out with multi-colored pony girls. But when he does, it's in the bathtub.

Working on a new comic! Here's a mysterious preview of sorts!
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ah!! :o I would definitely get some of Gummi's Classy Cola if it existed! :3
The-Sky-Walker's avatar
I'd go poor if this ever came out. Poor and oh so happy 8D
PixelKitties's avatar
And let's not even get started on those Dentist bills!
The-Sky-Walker's avatar
A price worth paying
ReadToasts's avatar
Coca cola should make a limited edition of this!!
BoneSatellite's avatar
Someone should print this out and wrap it around their soda can.

If we are ever in a room together, I will be sure to wear two monocles so as to ensure I'm pretty darn classy but not quite on par with you.
madman12000's avatar
Monocles always class it up. Sometimes I wear 2 at once!
PixelKitties's avatar
I like to wear three, just to make sure I am the classiest lady in the room! I will not be out-classed under any circumstances! You know, unless someone happens to have four monocles...
madman12000's avatar
I applaud your dapper-ness and dedication
PixelKitties's avatar
You shame us all, Larry!
SordidEuphemism's avatar
Oh. My.
This needs to be printed on tin and hung on a wall. YES.
PixelKitties's avatar
I so want a sign like that for my bar!
J00DoNotSeeMe's avatar
Not just printed and hung on a wall.

Printed and hung on a wall in the Coca-Cola Museum.
PixelKitties's avatar
I hear tell Coca Cola paid a visit to his manor and tried to buy out Gummy Classy. He just leaned back, took a sip from his tumbler of soda, and motioned for the hounds to be released.
J00DoNotSeeMe's avatar
Oh that alligator.

Stay classy, Gummy.
Garnot's avatar
Ah, nothing like Gummy Classy cola to quench your thirst after a long day's party. My fave flavor's got to be Sasparilla. The cherry and Vanilla flavors are okay, with the diet version being my least favorite.

All in all, a superb soft drink everyone should enjoy at one point in their lives.

Stay classy my friends.
PixelKitties's avatar
I think the biggest failure would have to be Gummy Classy Clear. It's not that people didn't buy it, but that it was actually vodka.
Garnot's avatar
Yeah, I recall that. Kind of liked it at first, until I passed out after having ten or so bottles.

Never again did I drink Gummy Classy Clear. Heard it was quite popular Stalliongrad though.
Fetchbeer's avatar
Every pet should have a drink,
Though of decent names I just can't think.
Drinks for a cat, dog, owl and bunny,
I can't think of anything funny.
Well there's Opaltine, but that is it,
Everything else just seems unfit.
PixelKitties's avatar
Now I need Opaltine!!!
PixelKitties's avatar
VampireNerd13's avatar
You're welcome!!! ^_^
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