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Great and Battyful Trixie

I've got bats in my belfry thanks to yesterday's episode!  I also felt the need to reassert the true fact that Trixie is ALWAYS best pony- even bat pony!

Recycled background ahoy!
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Bat Trixie is great:-)
Sparx24488's avatar
The-Kinky-Hobbit's avatar
foxy lil thang ;O 

I love the bat look on ponies :3 hehe
Wow! Looks sexy!
TheRealForlong's avatar
Is it weird to find that attractive?
sebili0n99's avatar
Nope, im into it as well.
sallyhtf10's avatar
I can't believe I'm saying this but trixie you look SEXY!
DreamSketcher19's avatar
She gets that a lot... ^^
BlazeyKitty302's avatar
Yup, Trixie's gone crazy. Maybe she got it from Pinkie Pie!!!
CrayCrayPinkie11's avatar
lol That would be awesome
BlazeyKitty302's avatar
ikr!!!! BTW, I'm deleting this account. My new one will be FrostWolf302!!!!!

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ANOTHER alicorn!? MSN Eye Twitch 

Well, at least it's Trixie.

SoundWaveandLuna's avatar
I love this o: I love how you did her hair :D
TomFraggle's avatar
Looks great!  Love the detail!  :+fav:
LaBoricua's avatar
Well, it's official. Trixie lost her mind.Spazattackplz 
Persona22's avatar
Cutie mark with a bat in it... perfect.
kniznik's avatar
Well someone went totally bats.
OblivionDreamer's avatar
oh hey she gets to be an alicorn for once... kinda...
Trixie is best batpony :O
JDeko's avatar
i'm totally in love now
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