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Gothier Than Thou

No shiny new art this morning.  Instead, as requested, I'm uploading the individual versions of the Three Faces of Fluttershy.  Here she is judging you for being an irritatingly bright spot in this otherwise cold, indifferent universe of abject darkness. 
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Hipster Shy: "Well, I was worshiping the Elder Gods before it was cool."
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As much as I can't stand the racist bent of Lovecraft's work I still enjoy the mythos. This is great. 
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Is that in her hoof THE THING WITH NO NAME  from WHAT NEW SCOOBY DOO series?
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I guess I like the image, I do not know, if only I could feel something. "sigh"

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I know I'm late, but like the others, I loved this version of Flutters, although valley girl Flutters was a close second =p
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that is just adorable
No one outgoths Fluttergoth! At least not in the dhow. ;)
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Elvira Mistress Of The Dark would be SO proud! =P
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Thank you for finally getting right that the idol looks like that and not Cthulhu itself (himself?)! 
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Thank you!!!!  I've always been pretty obsessed with Cthulhu and Lovecraft!  I based it on the idol that HP himself drew!
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Nice! I didn't know HP drew stuff. 
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He certainly didn't consider himself an artist, but in one of his many correspondences with fellow weird fiction writers Lovecraft included a tiny profile sketch of the Cthulhu idol!
Cthulhu sketch by Lovecraft by PixelKitties  
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Nice, a bit fatter than a I pictured, and surprisingly contemplative. 
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I suspect if Maud went Goth Fluttershy would have some stiff competition! 
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Oh yes! They'd fit along well!
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Fluttergoth is leaving Discord for Cthulhu?! 
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Who knew gods of chaos was such a large dating pool?
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I guess chaos gods are just into yellow bird horses. I wonder if that means Tzeentch has a chance?
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