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New Episode Comic Time!  Ugh...this one was a pain!  Not many clues as to the plot of this episode and not nearly enough time to work on this thing so...eeeegh.  I'll try and do better next week!  Just finished this thing like a minute ago so I'm sure it's rife with errors and crappity crap crap!

On the upside, I got to stretch my writing limbs a bit and try parodying George R.R. Martin's literary style!

On the downside?  Kind of everything else!  Blargh!
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I dunno, George R.R. Mareton isn't exactly reliable as far as release dates go. He may not be the best choice to partner up with if you have writer's block.
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PeeTheVeilHobbyist Interface Designer
hi There! Everypony loved to read her book!
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I'm not a fan of Game Of Thrones, but I've noticed Lyra is dressed as a sheriff on the first panel.
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She's Rick from The Walking Dead. 
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Really? I'm not a fan of Walking Dead either.
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My mom every night when she watches game of Thrones.
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"The Great and Powerful Trixie is George R. R. Mareton's number one fan. 

"His number...one...fan..."
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Rainbow Dash: Kill him!
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NeonBlacklightTHHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm surprised that there's no penis joke here in the comment section that involves George R.R. Martin.
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Weiner, weiner weiner, weiner weiner...

You're welcome.
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Mushroom Mushroom?
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XartiHobbyist General Artist
So in human terms, George R. R. Martin manages to help J. K. Rowling out, since she has writer's block, by killing Indiana Jones/ J. K. Rowling and by turning Short Round evil.

Since the Daring Do series are real, how can he just kill Daring Do in the story while she's standing next to him at the Pony/ Comic Con?

This is funny.
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MinkWinsorStudent Digital Artist
Ohhh goodness it hurts. In a good way.
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Kiiiinda reminds me of:
Though I'm sure you had better inspiration. o.-
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TheNeoStrikeHobbyist Artist
What just happened????
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I fear the day when a fanfic writer has a good idea to do this crossover, but I have no doubt that i would read it.

The White Man are coming

Where are my ALICORNS?????
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he drinks your tears with a side of toast
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Twilight's reaction face tho
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HypoThermusStudent General Artist
Twilight's face in that second-to-last panel is brilliant!
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game of ponys XD!:Sparta: :sparta: SPARTA PLEASE Shake Sparta :icon300plz: Sparta Sparta Emoticon :thisissparta: Sparta Emoji-02 (Cries) Sparta Emoji-01 (Uneasy) Sparta Emoji-05 (Hula hoop) Sparta Emoji-03 (Exercise) Sparta Emoji-04 (Cycling) this is sparta 
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Dim432 Writer
What it means is this

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BewitchingBardHobbyist Traditional Artist
Game of pones
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royal-phoenixHobbyist General Artist
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