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Friendship is Magic Gambling Machines


For my Las Pegasus piece for Ms. Libman I wanted to populate the background Casino with cool pony-themed machines. Sadly, they ended up pretty much hidden behind all the characters and other important goodies. Here's a better look at the four themed slot machines! I was planning to include a "Madeline" one as well in honor of Andrea, but just didn't get around to it!
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I want the alicorn amulet one AND the alicorn amulet to give to my mom so she can take over the world! Sorry I have Sombri here. She's my bad side AND my sister AND my best friend. Like, she's literally my bad side. I created her from me with a potion, cause, ya know, stuff.
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Awesome! Wait, this seems familiar somehow...
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xXMsHeroXx's avatar
when I saw Trixie's I thought her arm turned into some weird mechanical hoof and when I noticed it was a machine I burst out laughing XD
POLE7645's avatar
With MLP:FIM coming out in Japan, I wouldn't be surprised if they make some pachinslot machines based on the show.
MLPTrixie69's avatar
all of them looks awesome! <3
StandardBronyBrowser's avatar
My favourite's the Evil Enchantress, Zecora's awesome :)
Although it could also be because I'm a fan of spiders, and the ones Luna animated were cool.
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Holy mackerel, nice slot machine designs. :o I can't believe what will happen if you would to make an FiM pinball machine instead. :o
Dm4544's avatar
These are clever as balls.
bluebird-laughing's avatar
RookieOwl's avatar
I wouldn't like to spin a tail
Tearahk's avatar
Those are some awesome lookin machines ya got there. Would totally try out the Alicorn one. :D
arcuate's avatar
Ahaha, I'm glad you posted these by themselves. It's too bad the Black Cat couldn't be featured better in the full piece, it's really cute and funny.
lirodon's avatar
Needs a Vinyl Scratch video slot
BiigLord's avatar
Opal is NOT amused :XD: I loved this! You're so talented, man :)
Tervicz's avatar
Idea: pony pinball machines!
Sanyo2100's avatar
The Great and Powerful Gambling Machine
SuperPeasentNajeeb's avatar
Id loose ALOT of bits to these things.
OHCF's avatar
Noticing these aren't the traditional insert coinbit machines, but those pesky ticket printing ones :V
arconius's avatar
Now I really want to go to Vegas again.
ArthurCrane's avatar
I freaking love you right now.
mistypine01's avatar
Excellent work, PK.
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