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Flim Flam Brothers Cutie Marks

By PixelKitties
Working on a new comic based on today's spectacular episode of My Little Pony. I expect to finish it sometime in the next epoch.

In the meantime, have some apple-tastic cutie mark action featuring the latest Ponyvillians- The Flim Flam Brothers!
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I love you Flim. *---*<3
DelightfullyFreaky's avatar
I love these two! And I love this pictures! :D
love the flam bros
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I think its to represent an unfair cut, like when they offered to split the deal 75/25 XD
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Nice ^^ used those as a reference for making cutie marks to my brother's and his friend's cosplay, hope that was okay ^^
ChickiChikiBoomBoom's avatar
Heh. Flam's mark is nearly a full apple, while Flim's is only a segment. If that's not some ind of sexual innuendo, I don't know what is.
Pegasister4evur's avatar
How do you get innuendo from that? Just so you know I actually have a pretty messed up mind and I can't see what you do.
aug325's avatar






(seriously, did anyone get that meaning out of their cutie-marks?!)
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"Half baked Apples" is an expression that means "Not the full truth" or "little white lies" such as "Flim Flam"
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Uhm, what is the first cutie mark of? I can't seem to figure it out. I know it's an apple.. but.
DemiiDee's avatar
Its an apple with a slice out of it.
honeypurrr's avatar
ohhhhhhhh. /facepalm/ stupid me xD
Ginggalflarb's avatar
What's funny is if you look very closely during the singing, at one part they actually swith cutie marks for a few seconds.
If it's alright with you, can I go ahead and edit this for a Tumblr ask blog that I'm making, please? :)
PixelKitties's avatar
Go right ahead! Use it as necessary. =)
CapitainSmiffy's avatar
these are great
i thought flam's looked different to that so thanks for giving a clearer picture
Isabelle-fox's avatar
this is my favorite episode, i love the letter!!!
SirCxyrtyx's avatar
I had a completely different take on Flim's cutie mark. [link] If only it wasn't so small and hard to make out the details on.
Jadriam's avatar
In almost unrelated news, was anyone else thinking of the monorail song from The Simpsons before the brothers even started speaking?
GaiaNex's avatar
Cant wait to see that new comic :)
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