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Fifi Friday: When Minnie Met Fifi

My friend Buttons asked me to draw Minnie Mouse earlier this week and I figured a meeting of two adorable and fashionable ladies was the perfect occasion!  Also, BLOOMERS.

Also, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone for supporting my art AND for supporting Fifi Friday and my ongoing love for all things Tiny Toons! I never want to deluge my followers with too much of any one thing, but drawing Fifi and the other Toons makes me incredibly happy and I really love doing it.  I hope you enjoy seeing them week after week!  Love you all!
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*hugs minnie and fifi*

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They both look adorable.

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Fifi looks amazing in that outfit, and the bloomers are a very nice sight!

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Fifi looks so cute in Minnie's polka dot skirt!
I love this. Great job.
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Two lovely and cute ladies here!  And I appreciate the fact that you appreciate all of us enjoying your dozens and dozens of Fifi fan art. I enjoy seeing them!  :)
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What a lovely picture! You did an awesome job!
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Suuuper cute <3 Never would I have thought to see these two cross over

The way you adapted them to each other's outfits worked really nicely
I hope you had a super fun time drawing this one
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Very nice, love the crossover outfits =p
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
Wouldn't they be natural enemies?
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AWWWWW You draw Minnie perfectly!! I’d love to see you draw Daisy some time!
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I’d wanna see that too!
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Fifi Friday is one thing I'm looking forward to each week :heart:

You drew both of them very well here, and I like how they swapped outfits :D
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I love Fifi Firiday!
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Epic cute crossover ^_^
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Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] Too much Cuteness!
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Thank you so much!!!
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You're welcome
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