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Fallout Lonesome Road Comic

1. Write journal entry about how I don't have time to make comics.

2. Take break from actual work at work to make comic.

3. ??????

4. Profit.

I present to you the whole of my experience with the final Fallout New Vegas DLC, titled Lonesome Road.
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I don't actually remember that much of this DLC, except maybe the end. I remember a lot of digging around for unique armor, shooting at Marked Men, then realizing I couldn't beat all the Deathclaws(might have forgotten my alien blaster). I opted to run screaming through the rest of the Divide. This only got worse when ED-E, my only companion through this whole thing, was stolen from me, and I had to run even faster because he wasn't there to help.
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When your save point is at the long explanation. XDD poor twilight.
Why are people still ponifying everything?!
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wellll then (bigger weapons)?
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This guy gets it.
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Fallout searching brought me here. Somehow, this is quite fitting the deal of Lonesome Road, but I had talked Ulysses down about the second time. He really ha no chance with his pretendion. :3
And killing Deathclaws with sneak leg- and headshots is fun.
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this is me in new vegas
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who was annoyed by the over abundance of dialogue in that DLC.
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:aww: So awesome and funny!
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This is why I went in with the anti-mat. rifle and explosive ammo. So much BOOM!~~
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Time to kill raiders with a teddy bear!
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-Knows all about Old Olney is Fallout 3, is relatively experienced with the game-

-Sibling knows nothing about the game, or old olney, first time playing-

-Told said sibling to go to Old Olney in the beginning of the game in order to get the super cool medic armor prototype-

-Sibling makes an epic journey across around half of the entire Fallout 3 map in order to get to Old Olney, enduring bands of raiders, roaming rampant machines, various forms of wildlife, and all with a 10mm and a baseball bat, while also occasionally losing track of which direction Old Olney is in and wandering off for miles off track-

-Sibling finally arrives at Old Olney, waltzes right in and is mauled almost completely to death by a sudden deathclaw (sibling also nearly has a heart attack)-

-Sibling then has to limp all the way back to Megaton with very little health and ammo because said sibling doesn't know about fast travel-

-Is disowned-

-worth it-
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At least you can hear them... Fukken radscorps. Always get ninja'd up top looking for that stupid cave.
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I have the worst luck in Fallout (even with 10 luck).
I got killed three times between the vault and megaton. And had a disproportionate amount of encounters with deathclaws, enclave, and super mutants upon leaving. On easy.
I'm either a horrible player, or cursed.

Oh, and have fun with Fallout 4!
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Thats weird, I always thought that random Deathclaw, Enclave, and Super Mutant encounters only happen when your character has leveled up to a certain level. In the 150+ hours I've played it always seemed like Vicious Dogs, Giant Ants, Mole Rats, and Bloatflies are mostly all you'll see in the wasteland on the earliest levels near the center of the map, then as you level up you start to see random raiders, radscorpions, yoa guai, super mutants (of increasingly difficult strength), enclave, and finally deathclaws around level 20.

Although I never confirmed this, it was always just a theory of mine because I've never bothered to look it up.
Luckysweep's avatar
I think the deatclaw was a glitch, since it has only happened once that early. Bloatflies were the worst and most common encounter for me at that point in the game. I think location encounters are overiding that random cap, though. I first ran into an enclave/brotherhood encounter after finding the red-rider factory and they started popping up everywhere, and I found Big town at level three before supermutants started spawning in.

I bring this up because it might be similar to how enemies spawn in Fallout New Vegas.
Nickybuttons12345's avatar
Well after visiting certain locations or around certain locations its much more likely you'll run into a specific type of enemy than in other case scenarios, generally it depends on which faction controls a territory or what creature is commonly found in the area. I also noticed that seemingly the closer you are to the edge of the map it seems like it gets just a bit more difficult then in the center.
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Deathclaw(s) outta freaking nowhere!
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This was my least fav DLC in New Vegas. My personal fav was honest hearts, cause...Zion bro, just Zion. And then Old world blues, cause I basically laughed my ass off the whole dlc, so what's not to like...then of course dead money. It was an ass to beat, but totally worth it in the end.
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What's a deathclaw?
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