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Equestria Thanksgiving

By PixelKitties
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What is Equestria's Thanksgiving called?  Harvest Day?  Togetherness Festival?  Annual Friendship Celebration No. 754?

Whatever the case, here it is. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US and Canada friends!  Safe travels and best wishes to you and yours!
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love hairstyle Celestia!

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Let's call theirs "Harvest Festival"? It sounds like a good name to me.
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Very Nice and Beautiful! :aww: :heart:
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uuuuhhhhhhhhhh......... why is celestia`s hair look transparent.
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Yay the pilgrims the people that brought upon the genocide or helped bra on the genocide of the hundreds of thousands of native Americans.
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Nice to see them together. Lol at Trixie!
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I'd say 'Harvest Day' would be a good one :)
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I bet, Sunset Shimmer is Princess Celestia's secret daughter, it was a secret to protect her, and she was jealous to Twilight, because Celestia take more time with Twilight, than her own daughter, to plan the return of the Princess Luna, she doesn't know ! It will be a great revelation !  
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I thought that theory since not to long after knowing about Sunset.
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Sort of also played out the idea as well, and gave her a EQUALLY shocking father.;)
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I make a Comment in skycatcherequestria.deviantart… you will love his it's a letter 
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Oh jeez, that hits RIGHT in the feels.... :').....VERY cute; the question is.....would you be accepting who I made her father to be? AND the reason she adopted her off? I would include why she wanted to take Sunset back as her student...but we may have a similar view on that.
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Her father was a royal guard who saved Celestia's live (it's never happen because she is so powerful), the filing her live was near the end and see him saved her live, she filled weaker than the love for him. Wen she was pregnant, with a spell she hide her pregnancy to the people and wen she was born secretly she give her to the guard to protect her of the princess's enemies and her burdens too. Wen the guard died in services, Celestia cried, was sick wen she will be in a Orphanage, Celestia give her a place in the Academy and tell her wen she was old enough the true.     
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Hmm....^^; I kinduv made the parallel world Sombra her father....since Sombra is the Stallion she loved...the ONLY one she met and loved.^^;^^;....Hilariously enough though....your idea was ALSO mine...except the story involving the Guard was a Captain of her guard...and this story only served as a touching irony when she met a stallion in the future only to find out he was her old Captain's descendant.
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At first I thought Trixie was dressed up a Sabastian Michaelis from Black Butler.XD
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I just realized that Sunset Shimmer cutie mark is a Sun and Trixie Cutie mark is a Moon and Celestia cutie mark is also a Sun and Luna cutie mark is also a Moon, they both (Sunset and Trixie) used to hate Twilight and reformed by her and they both have talents in Magics.


Coincident ? I THINK NOT !!!!!!
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My mind just broke.
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AFC actually seems like a most likely name
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I remember seeing this on Equestria Daily. =3
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