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Don't Forget To Vote!

Thanks to everyone who commented and voted! And congratulations to President Barack Obama!

Today is the day when citizens across the United States come together and take part in the representative democratic process. Say what you will about voter enthusiasm this year, about the ongoing hitches in the actual process of voting or even the candidates themselves. Voting, and actively supporting the political process is the key to democracy working. Don't buy into cynicism or the increasing tendency of officials to make voting harder rather than easier. Don't forget that voting is not only a right, it's an obligation. Without your vote, without your voice democracy cannot work.

Please take the time to cast your vote, no matter which candidate or party, let your voice be heard. And if you're determined to vote, if you're legally permitted to vote, don't accept NO as an answer from anyone- from poll worker to state official. If you're turned away at the polls, keep in mind there are actions you can take. Check out these websites for information on what to do if you feel that you have been disfranchised in your effort to legally vote.

866 Our Vote- [link] You can also call 1-866-OUR-VOTE to get instant assistance.

US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division- [link] Complaints related to voter intimidation or suppression can be addressed at 1-800-253-3931 toll free or 202-307-2767

The League of Women Voters- [link]

Finally, know your rights. You DO NOT necessarily need a photo ID on hand to vote. Many times you simply require your voter registration, utility bill, or other basic identification. Be informed and check out this interactive map to find out more about ID requirements in your state- [link]

And if you want a free sticker- and seriously, who doesn't want a free sticker?- submit a picture of yourself and at least one friend at a polling place or with your ballots and get a free sticker sent straight to your front door! Come on, FREE STICKER! [link]

Good luck tomorrow, and thanks in advance for doing your part to be a part of this great democracy. And if you're still on the fence about whether or not to vote- remember the best reason of all: If you don't vote, you aren't allowed to complain for the next four years. =)
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um laet me think trixie ...... NO WAY 
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typo AUUUGGGHH~!!!!!!
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Make Equestria Great Again!
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In your picture, if they're voting for Trixie, Trixie cannot be on site, it's influencing voters and against the law! XD
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Oh no Trixies gonna shut down sesame street.
I bet Derpy is the most informed voter out there.:) (Smile) 
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my favorites ponys : Celistia Luna Flutter shy Derpy  twilight cadence pinkamena and night mare moon
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There are my 2 favorites : Derpy and Apple Jack :)
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Don't blame me, I voted for Trixie.
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I borrowed Twilight's saddle-bag. Sorry if you needed it for your drawing! XD
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I voted. I always recall those who died for my right to vote, and all those in the Arab Spring uprisings who died, or could have died, to realize that right for their nations as well. To those still fighting the good fight ... Good Luck, and fight honourably, not like dictators do. To those who have won the right recently ... Chose wisely! Do not squander your gains by returning to despotism, corruption, or discrimination! To those citizens of nations with a long history of democracy, exercise your rights (unless incarcerated, in which case you have very few, or an ex-felon, in which case you are also barred from voting, despite having served your time ... This applies in America, at least), least they be lost! Vote, speak your mind, attend the religious services of your choice (or none at all, if you prefer). Liberty or Death! I would truly prefer to die than live under tyranny!
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Trixies using a system of pony suppresion to keep earth ponies and dragons from voting.
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shut up N st0p beyng a gramer natzi
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Shut up you three evil doppelgangers before I order you're decommissioning!

Sorry everyone won't happen again
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i wonder who one the pony election???
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This is so cute!
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I hope Trixie isn't made to be too evil... From the screen they showed from the teaser pic... it could be one of those lessons about how you don't really have anything unless you have others to share your passions with. Who knows. It'll be pretty sad if she's just made as a token evil mare with no redemption.
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Well, now that it's out, what do you think of it?
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Not the best ending, but only so much you can stuff into 22 mins.

The DOTA 2 shop keeper and talks of powerful items (as well as a small hint of who the pony was going to be) was pretty cool.

Trixie not trusting wheels makes me wonder what caused such weirdness. My head-canon is that a rogue wheel was left out in the path she ran off in at the end so as to add to her misgivings of wheels lol (most likely as a traveling magician, her wagon would go through lots wheels at really bad timings)

The way she explained her story just sort of stabbed at the heart strings. At least Twilight really did make Snips and Snails fix up her wagon after all(CONTINUITY!), and what she did to Pinkie I think probably made people cheer lol I loved the Pinkie not getting any lines in through out the whole show after losing her mouth was quite exellent, even at the very end she got cut off by the credits!

Trixie has picked up many talents along the way, she even speaks and understands animals! Fluttershy ain't the only gifted pony after all! (maybe that's how she talks doves and rabbits to go along with her magic show?)

Trixie, wanting revenge, played into like 70% of the fandom's head-canon that she would return for revenge on Twilight to fight for who's truly Great and Powerful. Of Mares and Magic did an amazing job of executing that first. The way DHX did it really played out as a Trixie fan's dream in a lot of ways. You can tell they were being pretty careful with Trixie from the START. Much like Babs Seed, they don't want to just make them mean or evil just for the sake of it. Sombra not standing, he was a Sauron/Arthas sort of background threat thing.

And, dear god, I don't even know where to begin. They even went so far as r63...... I think they just canonized all ship fics between same sex couplings go with this episode for better or worst LOL! But, seriously, so much MORE material for the fandom to play with! And the duel they had was pretty nice, no where near as what you'd think the fandom would of thought of as far as Magic Duels go. Still it was an amazing one. Double RAINBOOM! (Those Rainbow Dashes!)
Twilight teleporting/summoning a Parasprite (that almost escalated quickly lol)

That is mostly all the Trixie centric stuff. Fluttershy trumped Twilight that episode in sheer levels of awesomeness.
I won't go on about that though, maybe another day.

I was disappointed with HOW Trixie returned, it's a shame she didn't somehow manage to get legitly more powerful, or at least VERY clever with her illusions. I think more could of been done there. Magicians are masters of illusions, and she lost to Twilight and her friends in that regard. Not using her as an excuse to involve Luna and Trixie more in the show by taking her as a understudy or something, was a foreseeable let-down.

In closing, finally, I have to say that I love Trixie ALL the more. She has *THE* cutest pouts and puppy-dog eyes EVER recorded in ponydom. She got an evil laugh down pact. Opened lines of possible communications with Twilight, who gave Trixie the ONLY bestest sly Twixie expression as she was explainning the necklace she tricked Trixie into wearing [link] gotta admit, that's gonna get eaten up by Twixie lovers EVERYWHERE. Total fanon fodder there for us.

And Trixie giving out those fireworks at the end to WOW the Princess and her guests from Saddle Arabia... I smell a future Los Pegasus episode where Trixie gets her chance at fame again and invites Twilight and her friends as an apology for all, to see her show! (I SIGN ALL MY RIGHTS TO THAT IDEA AWAY RIGHT HERE IF ANY DHX WANNA USE THAT IN THE FUTURE! Permission 1000% to take that and make more awesomness!) *cough* Sorry, just you never know right?

Yeah, that closing bit... I loved the episode immensely. And now she has SO much more potential and excuses for a return down the line.

P.S. You *did* ask me what I thought! <3
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I can't believe Derpy voted right. Left said he's a pedofoal!
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:icontrixieumadplz::iconsays3plz:u mad twilight?
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