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Don't Be A Butt!

It's just not worth it!

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I sent a copy of this to every mortgage scammer that sent me a business reply mail envelope... ;)

Rainbow Dash: why did you call them a butt, pinkie?

Play as pinkie Pie, please.

benthecutesquirrel's avatar
the butt of the joke pinkie X3
ChiptuneBrony's avatar
You are my little butt, my darling~ <3
Roman-Santos's avatar
YOU have a butt Pinkie!!!!!!! XD
whitetiger187's avatar
What makes this awesome is that I can hear her voice say that way too easily.
BADASSassin's avatar
But butts are awesome...
Itoruna-The-Platypus's avatar
... You do realize you said "But butts" right?

But butt but butt but butt but butt.
BADASSassin's avatar
So I did. BUT you can never have too many BUTTS!
Dan--Phil-Forever's avatar
Can I use this as my Webcam, Please? :)
Nanner8Bananer's avatar
This is what I'll be yelling at friends now, thanks. eue
MLPRocks190's avatar
Oh trust me, ever since school is starting soon, i will ;-;
kharmatika's avatar
this is like my favorite thing in the world.
Bluemoons437's avatar
I'm a loser and I'm super fat and ugly this is true trust me
Bluemoons437's avatar
Im sorry I share this device with my sis and my mom sis mustve got on here im sorry if she said anything offensive
snarticorn's avatar
But, I like  being a Butt ;^;
SuperMarioFan1267's avatar
Don't you mean "Don't Be A PLOT!"
Bass-waver's avatar
heh heh heh....
moonfire-dovahkiin's avatar
perfect for a TF2 spray
AllenMrQ's avatar
I don't be a butt, I be a dick.
Fauxnicorin's avatar
i can't help it ;A;
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