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Doctor Derpy Playmat

By PixelKitties
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I can't recall if I ever actually posted this.  Searched through my gallery and didn't see it.

Here's the Doctor Whooves playmat I designed for Enterplay!  Unfortunately it's now double sold out, so I can't give you a link...and you can't have mine either!
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Things have gotten so wonky the poor angel in the back is given up on weeping and is now double facehoofing.

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Forget a playmat, I wish I could just get this as a print to hang on my wall.
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I am sweetie: THE MOVIE
Doctor hooves: Oh no!
Voice: Downloading cyberbelle.exe file
Voice: Alert: Data overload
Doctor hooves: What did you do?
Derpy: I don't what just went wrong.
Doctor whooves: *pressing "stop and finish download"*
Voice: Download stopped and saved. Transferring data file to device: sweetiebelle.3075Acmc
Derpy: We did it!
Voice: Transfer complete! Activating device.
Derpy: Metal muffins are ready
Doctor hooves: Okay, place them in front of the robot.
Voice: Activation complete!
Sweetie bot: Welcome!  
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"LoOk hOw faar I can ElectriC SlIiiiide!"
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Can I have your mat?
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I'd love to get one of these at BronyCan!
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i love the picture of Roseluck and Minuette next to the celery that's 3 references
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I see Angel and CyberPony :D
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Great wickering stallions! Robots in Equestria would be an excellent idea for an episode on these two.
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Someone else noticed that the monitor is from Magpie™?
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did derpy mess with the screen program code for sweetie bot
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I really like it! :D
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Love it, especially Sweetie Bot. Just the sort of thing the Doctor would invent just to see if he could do it.

What is the identity of the face-hoofing poni statue?
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See my comment, below.  :)
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That statue is probably a Weeping Angel.
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Actually, I think Kitties is making a Sweetie-Bot/Cyberman gag of some sort:…
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Sweetie bot is evident, but we were talking about the statue in the background to the immediate right of her.  Clearly a weeping angel. 
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Oh, right!  I see that, now.
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I was one of the first to get it. It helps when u work at their booth during its INSANE release
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So pretty much SweetieBot is official, known as "Cyberbelle". XD 
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I love my copy of this playmat but a thing I've noticed is that on the physical playmat there is a code on one of the vent (Would you call it that?) parts that I can't for the life of me decipher and it's driving me mad and it seems like it wasn't in the original art for this, oh well I guess I'll never know. I love the art by the way and all the references to doctor who.
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