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Dirty Deeds Done for Reasonable Prices

I really need them to team up, thanks!
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Or better known as Scrooge McDuck’s deadly love interests/ex-wives.

This team-up should be cannon and seen in the big screen.

Awesome art by the way.

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Not sure Goldie would team up with Magicka but either way, Despell might wanna watch her back. ;)
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Nice job. They both look very lovely here. ^_^
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Very nicely done.
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rofl I love the title 

niece piece though
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TRuly the best team up
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Is that title a Jojo reference?
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It would be great if this happened :D

You drew them both very well.
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Except now I want Duckula in the background with heart eyes.
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What is it with Scrooge and femme fatales?!
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Every lady Scrooge run into want his gold or doom ^^;
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I'm reminded of that guy on YouTube who comments everywhere, who has a Spingefish user photo!
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Oh my god YES these two would be best friends/girlfriends
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How the heck did I miss this beautiful work of art!
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I think when I posted this I was starting to feel bad about the amount of Ducktales art I was spamming, so I don't think I spread this around quite as much as the others!
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Sounds logical, but by the same token… there is no such thing as too much DuckTales fan art. ;)
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We ran around in circles
Casting spells all night
Terrorizing kids
And causing a fight...
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Green is definitely her color.  Help her stands out as 'unnatural' almost.

And of course, they both look utterly gorgeous.  Poor Scrooge never had a chance.
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Well... she does turn back to her original white feather color from 1987 when she loses her powers at the end.
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