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Derpy Mail Mare CCG Card

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If you attended Bronycon or my panel and CCG tournament at GalaCon this past weekend, you just may have gotten yourself one of these Derpy Equestrian Mail Mare cards!

When I was asked to make this one, Enterplay requested two versions- one with Derpy in uniform and one as her regular adorable self.  Here are both Derps for your Derping pleasure!  Her outfit is a bit of an amalgamation of all the various delivery uniforms we've seen on the show. 

Believe it or not, the most troublesome part of this request was that tree in the BG.  Originally seen in May The Best Pet Win, It's a pretty common BG locale in Ponyville and one of my favorite spots for creating a balanced, single character image.  

I made a new version of the tree for this card, and tried to come close to show accurate as possible...and that's A LOT of subtle details for a background item that- in the end I blurred and cropped out of the card!

Thanks as always to everyone at Enterplay for letting me work on this!  Thanks Rob, Leslie, Gail and the whole team who are a pleasure to work with and keep coming up with ideas that are truly fun to bring to life!
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TheJuxtaposedJintyHobbyist General Artist
Good artwork
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i bought the box set that came with this card off of ebay a year ago. i never knew a artist from deviantart did art for enterplay that's awesome i did not get the box set to collect it but just for the art alone. its cool to be able to tell you how much i love this art i never been able to send a message to an artist that did art for a marketed item before to tell them how much i loved it. so anyway thanks for making this  take care 
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This remains one of my most favorite cards in the entire game. :)
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LiggliluffHobbyist Digital Artist
Let me guess: outfit for promo - non-outfit for non-promo?

The MLPCCG-crew on Twitter really wanted to be clear on that Derpy was in fact part of the set after I've mentioned that promo.

(Twitter is down at the moment...)
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River-RoadHobbyist Writer
Actually, the promo version is "derped up", declaring her an earth pony.

...and I got one of them. Eeeeeee~
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NachtanaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I found that picture again on a cover of a magazine on a boardgame Convention in germany, the Spiel. event.amigo-spiele.de/2014/10/… (german only, sorry.) This is part of the first countrywide MLP trading card game tournament in germany. And because Hasbro was next to the Amigo stand, i hope they know what they do with your work.
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So cute!
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The card has not yet worked itself into my possession.

One day, though. Probably not any of the promos, though. Derpy's just my favourite mailmare.
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I recently picked this up at GenCon on a huge playmat. I didn't realize you had done the art, but then again, I should have.
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OH MY GOSH! She looks so sweet :heart:

Today's winner for best drawing is... PixelKitties! :winner:

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I just wish Enterplay hadn't called her Special Pony. Given all the hoo-hah, that seems almost guaranteed to get someone to say :iconsterlingarcherplz: "HEY!! PHRASING!!!"
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I picked this up at GenCon this last weekend. It is FABULOUS.
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HollylilyStudent Traditional Artist
wow! great job! DERPY IS BEST PONY :)
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Y00FIHobbyist Digital Artist
Beatiful. Derpy
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Sonic-14Hobbyist General Artist
DERPY YOUR DROPING THE MAIL !!!! NUUUUUUUUUU !!!! *sigh* now I'll never get my mail.
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GyroGunHobbyist General Artist
catgoat's avatar
catgoatHobbyist Digital Artist
if you dont like it dont comment please
they probably spent hours working on this ;;
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GyroGunHobbyist General Artist
Oh Boo Hoo, so you want to live in a happy world where there is no such thing as criticizing.
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You just typed in "BARF"...

How the fuck is that criticizing? 

He didn't even tell him how he can improve!
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riley709Professional Digital Artist
whats your problem man 
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catgoatHobbyist Digital Artist
o_o i was just saying they spent awhile on it ?
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HeyLookASignHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I was the first one to get them
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
Ahaha! She's so happy. :)
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