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Derpy Ciri

By request, here's Derpy dressed as Ciri for you to use for your own projects or whatevs!
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Didn't Ciri escape the Aen Elle with the help of a bunch of unicorns? This may be more canonical than it seems O_O

Yes I know Derpy's not a unicorn. Irrelevant.
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Two overpowered characters in one!
This is going to stay in my deviant watch notifications forever. I love this too much
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Must play the Witcher!
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You didn't add #thewitcher  tag.
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I have to say, despite the fact that The Witcher setting is the complete opposite of MLP, Derpy is really rocking that Ciri outfit.

And you upload this just as I installed my copy of The Witcher 3. What a coincidence.
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hnnnnggggg....cuteness overload!!!
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Double the cutness!
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The shimmer of white skies
I spin to & fro
A flicker of wild eyes
Gifts I can’t control
The shimmer of white skies
The legacy leashed in my cries
Shall reign over bitter white skies
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She is ready for Nightmare Knight and a Con.
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So cute, cool, and great cosplaying Derpy X3
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Derpy is a surprisingly good cos-player... derp, who knew! pinkie pie EqG 3 (derp) plz 
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elder derp is within her
Derpy in Ciri the Child Surprise (The witcher 3 Wild hunt) cosplay?
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Didn't know I needed this in my life until now. Very nice.
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