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Della and Penumbra Comic

A quick comic with a cheesey screencap background!  Inspired by the wonderful Shelbeanie on twitter, who had some brilliant ideas about Della, Penumbra and lollipops! 
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This is pretty dope!

Della and Penumbra, eh? Wonder what the Nephews think of having an alien for a second mom.

Chipster-roo's avatar

Oh this is so cute :D And I love their outfits :D

MegaMovieMonday's avatar

Aww that's super adorable! I think you did a sweet job with this. :)

Shirokou's avatar

HDL lost their mom to the moon but she came back with a second one!!!

tigreanpony's avatar

Oh this is interesting, really never thought of this ship.

Tenkage's avatar

this feels waaaaaaaaaaaay too in character

PLCTheCd's avatar

Ha, now the boys will get a second mom! :D

asuraludu's avatar

I am now imagining Della singing the moon song (a few lyric changes) to Penumbra as she rests in her lap.

Sparklefan1234's avatar

PLEASE SAY "Yes.", PENNY! :love:

Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
That company faces bankruptcy soon. Don't they know that scorpions are supposed to be de-stingered before being forcefully stuffed inside a lollipop?
SFaccountant's avatar

Ducks do like scrumptious bugs

SonicFull's avatar
It helps that they shared apartment for several years
guitarsword15's avatar

It isn’t romantic if it isn’t dangerous. Or faux-dangerous, hopefully.

Planet-BZC's avatar

They deserve each other x3

JFkeinK's avatar

So, the boys not only have their mom back, but they also get second mom in addition.

cartoonfanboyone's avatar

"Brothers with 2 mothers?"

Madness-Made-Fresh's avatar
Sanluris's avatar

Oh, yeah, you can put bugs in candy. Some people eat them, but I guess you could keep them forever.

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