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Cutie Mark Crusaders Reunion

Really wanted to make some assets out of the great Manehattan scenery from last episode but also wanted to do something with the CMC this week, so here's the grown-up crusaders!

I imagined  Scootaloo growing up to become a lieutenant in Princess Luna's Royal Guard, Sweetie Belle finds success on broadway while Applebloom becomes a teacher and takes over the schoolhouse when Ms. Cheerilee moves away.

What's your headcannon for the CMC's futures?

Celestia poster here- 
Celestia An Equestrian Musical by PixelKitties
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Wish these crusaders have their own show.

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All the memes. especially the Princess flyer on the left. Now they just need to hook up with Babs and get the *real* tour.

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Very nice pic,well done 😉🙂

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Funny detail Apple Bloom grown bigger but her bow got smaller.
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Sweetie Bell looks so beautiful as her sister Rarity!
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"i'll have a cold moon and a couple of gummys for the kids"
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The only one that makes sense here, in my opinion, is Sweetie Belle. But such is the wacky world of headcanons. Shrug
Nice art nonetheless.
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DUde... this is so damn cool :D
I agree with every one up until Apple Bloom---I imagine that she would become a architect.
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All I can see is the OBEY poster.
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First thing I see: Cut off OBEY poster
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I see Nightmare moon reference behind them
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Ha finally found it! I saw just a Sweetie Belle alone version of this in Claire Corlett's vlog and I was like "WHAA? WHO MADE THAT??" lol
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Wow they look awsome!
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 Sweetie Belle being a performer seems likely, of course. Perhaps Apple Bloom might become a botanist or apothecary (owing to Twilight and Zecora's influence), emphasizing the Bloom rather than the Apple. 

Scootaloo, however...

Lauren Faust is on record as saying that she planned to have Scoots never actually fly. And that's OK. It's an important lesson for kids, knowing that maybe your path in life isn't what others or even you expected it to be. And maybe teaching that lesson, helping other ponies realize that is what she ends up doing. It's pretty much in line with what the CMC are doing now in canon, as it is.

I honestly expected Scoots' cutie mark to BE the Crusaders' Symbol when she realizes it. And then the Crusaders become this Equestria-wide organization very similar to the Girl Scouts, with Scoots as Juliette Gordon Lowe (yes I know my GS history...the wife is a lifelong GS) with Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom helping out.
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Beautiful! Good job!
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My Headcanon of"Crusader's Future"

Scootaloo: Repair Mare and Scooter Showbuissnes. Later Wonderbolt

Sweetie Belle: Singer

Apple Bloom: Working with her family, alcemy 
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Scoots was always my favorite of the crusaders  ^^
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I think gummy is a spokesperson now  XD
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