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Coco's Gift

After yesterday's pic of my Best Worst Pony button, here's the pic version of the Second Best Best Pony herself!  

She may not be Great and Powerful but Coco truly is the epitome of Humble and Apologetic!
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^^ she is muy beautiful I like :squee:
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She could be the element of humbleness. That's why I love her. Coco is so cute!
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Whether sad or happy, she is always a cutie.
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Easily one of the cutest characters on the show! Well, probably closer to kawaii, because I really want to protect her!
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OMG! Coco has to be THE cutest new character of Season 4!!!! ^-^

Nice work on it! 
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Soooo cute!!! >w<
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We have found the new Fluttershy! :D
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I try to draw coco but it always ends up like fluttershy.  Amazing job
Pinkie Chibi Pie Dancing
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I really do appreaciate this haircut.
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Wow Impressive she is muy beautiful Aaaah I like I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! 
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yes she is and is she cute :D
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She's so adorable! :D
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Coco is such a sweet character, I hope she returns for S5 in some capacity. The background here really complements her.
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