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Changling Espionage

Playing through Fallout New Vegas' DLC has infected my brain, to the point where I look at cell towers and crack houses in real life, wondering if I can score some sweet caps and drained microfusion cells.

That said, have some propaganda!
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What disgusting zebra propaganda! The only thing zebras hate more than Princess Luna is a Changeling.
They have a greater stake in this war than all of us, do not forget your Changeling Brothers-in-Arms.
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Be still my heart! PixelKitties plays New Vegas. Awesome.....
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Looks like it WAS from 1940 and the textures ace too 
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Der Changling scum... Dey go do der ovens!

Sorry just had to say it! I like those old posters even though this isn't really one of them!
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dam i was just about to make one with zebras in it
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"BEWARE THE ENEMY: The Insidious Changelings!"

--- Other propaganda posters, warning against the Changeling threat. 
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"BEWARE THE ENEMY: The Insidious Changelingselestia!"

---Vandalism by anti-war protestors. The image of Chrysalis on these posters would frequently be altered to resemble Celestia.
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"Make your own posters, you lazy hippies!"

--Counter-Vandalism by war-supporters. The vandalized posters would frequently be torn down and sent to known opponents of the war (and/or graffiti artists) with a sticky note inscribed with the above taunt. 
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"We do, jerks!"

---Note by irritated war protestors and graffiti artists who had nothing to do with the vandalisms included with the damaged posters that were sent back to the war supporters.
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"Whoops, sorry about that. Wanna get coffee?"

--Apology note sent back to non-offending protesters and graffiti artists once their innocence in the vandalism had been revealed.
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All these posters make so much sense! XD
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For my day job I do stuff... on things in a big room with a big vault door and little doohickeys on the windows that spoof laser microphones. I printed this out and posted it; people are getting a kick out of it.
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*best read in Smokey the bear voice *
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I saw this posted in my school. i have found where it come from and I have never been as happy :D
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friendship, friendship never changes
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ha this is just like fallout new vegus!
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Bought one of these at trotcon. Hanging it tomorrow (in a frame because of the sheer awesome)
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how the hell did i get here!?!?
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Why do the changeling's legs have holes?
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Because it is made out of moldy cheddar.
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