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Cathy Weseluck Babscon Autograph Card

Finally able to post the genesis of  my recent obsession with retro pones! 

You'll be able to find 50s Coco, Cool Guy Spike and friend at Cathy's Babscon table April 18-20!  Not only is she an immensely talented actress, but she's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet!  

Be sure and stop by to get her autograph and say hello!
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HarmonyBunny2021's avatar
Buttercream though. ^^
JustSomePainter11's avatar
When I make animated kids movies when I'm older I'm gonna get Cathy Weseluck voice acting the a young boy protagonist with transformation powers
killerprod1's avatar
LaceySurprise's avatar
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rosepetal179's avatar
this is so cool! u should totally do the other decades, especially the 90's!
silversparkle1234's avatar
She voices buttercream?? I didn't know thta
Pinkieshy435's avatar
cool i love spikes otfit
joethehero2's avatar
Find a way to work Cybersix into this and you're golden.
Shadowspider9's avatar
Spike is the bad boy all the girls want.
SlendieTheSlenderman's avatar
Whaaaaaa..... Buttercream? o_O
G-GIRL20000912's avatar
buttercream sundae????????????????
leifj2009's avatar
Yeah, I see her too.
DarthWill3's avatar
Cute and adorable at the same time!
TheLadyArtist's avatar
That's a good idea
Cathy was the voice
Of shuffy mixels littles
Shuff"s sister
BrownWolfFM's avatar
Now all we need is a bolt of lightning and a Delorean to get us out of 1955.
gshowguy's avatar
And hopefully, the lightning generates 1.21 jigawatts...
PonyUniverse's avatar
I almost said to myself that you forgot the Mayor and then I saw her silhouette XD!
PonyUniverse's avatar
LOL! Hai Lizzie! :D
TheEvstar's avatar
Very good! I like the addition of Buttercream from LPS in the background! Very cute! ^^
blacklantern2814's avatar
Hey, we learned about the 50's in school. Deathclaws and Super-Mutants, the Battle of Project Purity, the NCR-Legion War...good times, good times.
zsewq55912's avatar
ImaSquiddy's avatar
Buttercream!! :D
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