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Castle-Mania: Lair of the Shadow Pony

Folks are asking for wallpaper versions of the various panels in the recent comic.

Castle Crasher Comic by PixelKitties

First up: Twilight confronts a mysterious Trixie-like hooded figure.  I was disappointed with the reveal, at first, but it's hard to stay angry at the adorable party pony!

I'll upload another panel tomorrow and the third Wednesday.
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Oh... My... GOD.. EPIC!!! *O* :iconcastlevania:
0ndshok's avatar
Look this picture and listnen: Savant - How I Roll
BoneSatellite's avatar
It was pretty obvious that Pinkie was under the hood. I was more disappointed by the lack of cloaked Trixie in "The Mysterious Mare Do Well".
DeJiKo07's avatar
Nosfy's avatar
By the color of those hooves... Is that you Trixie ?
Roo-Gryphon's avatar
if i didnt know any better i swear this is a screencap
DestinyDecade's avatar
Yep. This is awesome. I like it a lot. *putting on Castlevania music*
DeadEyeReaper's avatar
*POSSIBLE SPOILER* I believe we found Twilight's new castle
Aurora-Chiaro's avatar
I'm loving the suspense of this :D
FoxHawke's avatar
I see this and the episode title and suddenly need to listen to Symphony of the Night's OST. :nod:
MoppyPuppy's avatar
*Sarcasm* The shadow pony's identity was SO surprising, I was SO surprised. *Sarcasm*
PixelKitties's avatar
Nobody likes sarcasm, Spike.
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Me? Spike? How dare you.
mistypine01's avatar
Kyoshyu's avatar
It's one hell of a wallpaper. :)
Hugbell's avatar
TBH I though it was going to be Luna. xD Just because I thought she might've fancied the Organ. Trixie would've worked too. =o
BB-K's avatar
I wish right now someone would to animate the organ to play the scary music. :o Real organs are far better than those generate by electronic organs. :) Nothing beats genuine pipe organ music. :p
RemyReminisce's avatar
pretty awesome lighting ^^
Trinity-Alchemist's avatar
Twilight: "All alone in a dark, secluded castle. Awww yeah..." *Pulls back robe* "What?! Pinkie?! But I thought you were Tr- Er, n-nevermind..."
Neko-kun67's avatar
I can hear Andrew Lloyd Weber playing in the background.
DoughnutJoe's avatar
:iconphantomoftheoperaplz::iconsaysplz:Sing for me, my angel of music!:iconsaysendplz:
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