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Brony Thank You Fund 2015 Calendar

The Brony Thank You Fund 2015 fan calendar is officially out, so here's my pic for March.  Being it contains both my birthday and St. Patty's Day March is my favorite month next to BeerTacoBruary.

The Fund's OC, Charity was designed by the talented, sweet, and in-all-ways-awesome GhostlyMuse 

Bonus points for finding not-at-all-hidden Shane MacGowan pone
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I'm guessing that the Shane MacGowan pony's teeth aren't in good condition, just like the real Shane MacGowan?Wink/Razz 
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Bryan: Tonight, we shall drink like Shane MacGowan!
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Larson looks bored...
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Were is a Bulk Biceps PLZ account!
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Bought it. Glad that you participated for it.

Wonderful work
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You know there is a republican with your avatar?
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and who would that be?
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Oh just some guy with a conspiracy theory that democrats are racist!  
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Awesome work! :)
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And it has better weather than Smarch!
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sometimes it's just really funny to say the name Larson, LAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRSONNNNNNNNNNN
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Nice of you to add yourself to  your work PixelKitties.   Now we have Charity. Weather it Bronycon, Brony Fest or whatever the number of mascots keep adding higher and high.  The conventions would really be crowded if all the mascots showed up at the same one.
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Does want Calendar.....but never has a use for one x.x
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Groovy. This is very well done. Oh and I'll make sure to check out the rest.
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@_@ How come I never hear about this stuff. I'd love to sumbit art to them. =P

Still great pic and glad you guys reached your goal!
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