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Binders Full of Cutie Marks

Join us in glorious North Equestria!

UPDATE- I feel really bad!  My intent was just to throw in a bunch of random cutie marks for my own amusement.  Never meant to troll folks into thinking it was real!  Sorry to anyone who saw the various posts exclaiming these were actual easter eggs from the show.  

I thought the flaming human skull cutie mark would be a dead giveaway! 
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I spy your cutie mark in the collection!
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Liking the Poke' Ball and Bowler Hat.
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Heh... "binders full of".... epic.
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Dash Ketchum and her faithful Ponyta!

Wait, wut?
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North Equestria... The Equestria we don't talk about except when it is playing with nukes!
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Just that title. :D
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it's like Hollywood squares... but it's actually funny!
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when did Red get in the MLP world
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I just saw now the significance of this picture when I inspected the vault!
I smell a lot of references here. Sadly I don't get most of them.

Edit: She took Trixie's cutie mark! Now Seth will be going on a vengeance.
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Oh, Shit! I just realized that the village of Starlight Glimmer lies in the north of Equestria!
Damn, this got even more creepy now!
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+1 for the eight ball!
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This is... actually about as grand of a show off as I do with my Magic: The Gathering trading cards...

Anyway, in unrelated news, allow me to show you my collection of Karn, Liberated and Jace, the Mind Sculptors!
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All these comments about a Pokeball in the vault... and no one cares that the best pony (Trixie) also has her cutie mark in the vault. And somehow Pixel is still an amazing artist with her own in the vault as well. Weird.
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so... there's a pokemon catcher in equestria?

wait no is a Cutie Mark catcher 
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See, this is what I was waiting for since the end of season 3. Twilight became a princess, but she had nothing to show for it, so the entirety of season 4 seemed like a filler that showed personal conflicts for all the Mane 6. We needed something a bit grandee , wide-scale, and recurring to pose a conflict for Twilight. While the Tirek conflict and the atmosphere of impending doom was awesome, its brevity was very undermining of Tirek's power (and especially the trend for all the other villains). I feel it's better to see a recurring conflict that Twilight has to deal with alongside all of her friends. If the antagonist-conflict situation was just left to being just huge installment episodes in the series, I find that the whole plot in its entirety would feel empty. They did a bang up job giving us Starlight Glimmer as a recurring antagonist because now we have something to look forward to for everyone to overcome.
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Deeply interested in that char's background - for the entire episodes didn't give her any depth.

Dunno...can't see it. The positive of the episode, that is.
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Cultured and tactful political humor -> instant win.
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Great. A new shadow archetype for Twilight. Also, the baddie from the Totally Spies episode "Scam Camp Much." 
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This looks like a giant iPad where each cutie mark takes to you an app... idk
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