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BTYF Calendar 2017

Do you need a calendar filled with art that might also feature cartoon horses?  Well, sir/madam/robot you are in luck!

The Brony Thank You Fund 2017 calendar is available now for the cheap-as-free price of $12!

It features 12 artists recreating 12 famous pieces of fine art, but with ponies!  
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It would be nice if Celestia's wearing a black dress. ;) (Wink) 
Hubfanlover678's avatar
What painting is this? :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) 
celestialawsomeness3's avatar
are you able to create art? if so can tell me how I just started the whole Brony thing and I love it!!!
coolhazel's avatar
I think this so cute
I know it wasn't the intention of the artist, but I notice some degree of Twilestia in this picture
TheNeoStrike's avatar
This looks so great. Is this a Ferris Bueller reference ? :D so cool!
CatWoman-cali-onyx's avatar
That looks like a fun gathering. :)
FangRoseTheHedgehog's avatar
Celestia has the same ability as Mary Poppins: enter paintings and artwork while doing it in fashion!
FangRoseTheHedgehog's avatar
Why is it that every time Tree Hugger does that thing, it looks like she's burping? It really looks like the artist painting this broke out in laughter when he saw her do that and said "By Jove, that's the funniest thing I've every seen. Jolly good, indeed!" and preceded to paint it.
screwball1226's avatar
were's granny smith?
Siansaar's avatar
My god, the amount of fancy is off the charts!
Flimflanboy's avatar
Why is Tree Hugger here?
Tiger610's avatar
:33< could you tell me on which pieces these are based?
:33< i recognize sunday at summer lake, the unicorn is penned (that was a genius one!), mona lisa, starry night, tutanchamon, the thinker, persistance of memory, andy warhol and american gothic, but that's it
karkovice1's avatar
Victorian day at the beach! :)
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onceuponadoodle's avatar
Now this one i can get behind. I always liked this piece. 
Sturmlion1's avatar
I would be very impressed if this was actually painted in tje original style.
Dr-InSean's avatar
Awww.  Inn't dat cute?  AND sophisticated!  I feel classier just for looking at this.

Wait...Isn't it a bit early for 2017?  I know 2016 is taking all of our musical leaders, but should we throw in the towel already?
Forusu's avatar
This pic remembers me a lot about of Georges Seurat…;

Absolutely awesome! :clap:
DarkMerc87's avatar
This is very clever and I love the outfits of everypony. Great job recreating the look of the original art. I just might grab this calendar for all the awesome art.
kabhes's avatar
that hippy on the back ground CX
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