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Ashleigh Ball OC Pony

Was asked to make Ashleigh an OC pony for Babscon, but never got around to uploading it.

In case you didn't know, she plays a MEAN flute!  Eat your heart out, Ron Burgundy. 
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Cutie mark is a flute because she plays the flute.

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Awesome and cute design!

It gave me inspiration to make a life-size plushie of her, for Galacon charity auction.

Ashleigh Ball OC pony life-size plushie by RainbowSnowHeart

I hope I made her justice!
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OMG!  Somehow I never saw this reply or your incredible work!  This is absolutely beautiful and I'm honored to have played a small role in such AMAZINGNESS!!!!
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0W0 wow. you should make custom oc's and sell them. i would buy
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Hi, I am Vitreous. I am a reviewer on Youtube for My Little Pony and I have been trying to do more Fan stuff lately And am doing a Fan Art Spotlight Episode and doubling down this time Original Content Ponies! And I was wondering If I Could spotlight this pic! I am planning this episode for June 16th 2016. I will give credit in both the video and in the description along with a link to your DeviantArt page. You can contact me through Deviantart by replying or Email me at

Anyway, the cut off date is June 10th. Please contact me by then. Oh and I might as well give you a link to my channel and the previous spotlight episode.


Double Diamond’s Fan Art Spotlight:

Have a nice day. I hope to hear back soon!



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A very happy birthday to the extremely talented voice actress for my favourite Mane Six pony: Applejack 
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Ashleigh Ball's OC looks very similar to Kazumi Evans autograph OC XD
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So...when both her characters are talking to each other, does that count as talking to yourself?
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There can be no truer a pony for Ashleigh than this pony. A masterpiece, as usual. ^_^
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Also kinda looks like a mix between the two characters she mainly voices. Now if only Nurse Redheart was an Unicorn, she could have been an Alicorn...
those are reserved for people who voice alicorns
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The point is that Ashleigh Ball voiced both an Earth Pony and Pegasus. With an Unicorn they would have all the components of an Alicorn. But then again, there are a few in her roles:
Ashleigh Ball: Applejack, Apple Dumpling, Apple Rose, "Bright Pony" (S05E14), Cherry Berry (S04E02), "Crystal Chalice Stand Pony" (S04E22), Crystal Pony (S03E12), "Crystal Pony 3" (S04E24), Daisy (S05E09), "Food Pony 1" (S04E10), Lemon Hearts (S05E12), Lyra Heartstrings (S05E09, Friendship Games shorts), Mail Pony (S05E07), "Male Applejack", "Neighbor Pony" (S05E16), Nurse Redheart (S01E04), Open Skies, "Pedestrian Pony 1" (S05E15), "Pony in Line" (S04E08), "Pony 1" (S04E20), "Pony 2" (S04E10), "Pony Shopper" (S05E16), Prim Hemline, Rainbow Dash, Salespony (S03E13), Sassaflash (S04E21), Twirly, "Random Breezie", the buffalo that says "If you say so, Spike. Catch ya later, bro," "Townspony 1" (S05E06), two of the nurses, Upper Crust, one of the background dragons in Dragon Quest
Also the Griffon shopkeeper.
Now she did voice Lyra in slice of life so that could count
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I made a pony almost exactly like this two years ago but I threw away the design for it. you just basically remstered it and I fucking love it!!!
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Rainbow fire, cool!
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Cross: Who are you.. and if you play a mean flute can you out recorder Hoofy Allen! Who is not a child molester!
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Nice. Ashleigh Ball would love to see this.
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this is so CUTE!!! :3
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Now doesn't THIS look cute. :D
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Great OC! :D Still, first thought was - "Why is RD's tails sticking out of a flute? Is she a genie or something?"
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you know my baby's got a lover

you know he loves himself
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