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Andrea Libman, Big Apple Ponycon Autograph Pic

This coming weekend is Big Apple Pony con in, naturally, New York, NY! While you may no longer be able to smoke in local bars or purchase a Big Gulp from 7-Eleven, you CAN have the beautiful, sweet, and incredibly talented voice of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, Andrea Libman, sign this here picture for you! And let's face it, she's easily a trillion times better than tar, nicotine, high fructose corn syrup, and dental bills!

Also, if you find yourself still hankerin' for a hunk of pony art, well you're in luck! I will have a bunch of new prints and posters available at my table at Big Apple Ponycon as well! Sadly, I myself will not be in attendance, but my amazing and way, WAY cooler friend Noval has offered to staff my table! You'll find us right next to John Joseco and Purple Tinker Ideally it won't be the table that's on fire or overrun with velociraptors.

Update- Thanks to Knighty and KevinSano for great advice on a bit of a kerning issue with the font! Reads much better now, thanks so much, guys!
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This is a really adorable design. Andrea Libman is lucky to be getting such a great print from you.