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Amy Keating Rogers Babscon Autograph Card

Work has been keeping me busy as a honey gathering, stinging insect from the family Apoidea, so I've fallen way behind in uploading my autograph cards for Babscon (which- holy crap- is THIS weekend!)  

Here's the super awesome and busy as an Apoidea AmyKeatingRogers who will be on hand for all the amazing amazingness of Babs this weekend! 

Special thanks to ShikariSPEEDERÂ for the OC and cutie mark design!
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Hey Im starting a comic convention in albert lea minnesota and am looking for minnesota artists to come and show their work. can you all pass the word so i can have a wonderful turnout of minnesota artists. Not sure if you are actually from minnesota. It is july 22nd and 23rd 2017 and at the Albert Lea City Arena my name is gilbert johnson jr. email is thechapelcomicsgmail for more info....thanks and pass it on...ha
She's on a mission to rid Equestria of all villains. Just check out her episodes in Season Five... :P
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It's so cute!
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Oh she's one of the writers for the show. LOL, wow even the writing staff is commissioning you. Noice!!
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Also special thanks goes to our wonderful friend Glittering Pony AKA Karen Padilla and Kawaiimo who originally created Amy's OC Pony :D hugs <3
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One of the best scripter of the show. If not the best. I can't wait for that journal...

Wonderful work
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very nice scene and all
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"Hey, you guys! Check out my book!"
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And it's very nice. Well done with this one. :)
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This makes me think of some writing wizard where everything they write, happens in their world.
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Beautiful art, PK. She knows Princess Twilight very well.
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Keep up the great work PK. 

I have to say that Amy Keating Rogers is one of my all-time fav writers.  Her episodes have good flow, and I like the fact that the characters "feel" like themselves.  This past episode with Testing, Testing 1,2,3 is one of the few times I actually liked Twilight, due to the fact the pony behaved like her adorkable self I came to cherish. 
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I'm loving the Chimy Cherry Changa cutie mark!
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Honey gathering, stinging insect from the family, I got nothing.
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