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All You Can Eat

Let's not think too hard about the magical logistics of this friendship buffet happening, and just enjoy the fact that, thanks to the magic of photoshop IT CAN!

I mean, maybe there's another mirror that allows you to travel to and from Equestria in your current form.  Or, maybe there's even one that turns you, a walrus?  Or a firetruck?  Or Lars Ulrich? 

Magic is weird, man!
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I Fudging love the Metallica reference there! XD 
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Well, whatever makes you happy, Sunset. At least now you can show Celestia the form you're most comfortable in now...!
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Oh hey, this happened in my fanfiction. Only when they were all still brainwashed. And Sunset Shimmer's human counterpart.

Turns out there's a wormhole connecting the two planets, and it keeps pulling people through every once in a while, so that's how she came through still human.
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Or maybe Equestria and human world are just two twin-planets(connected in some "magic" way) in the same universe and portal is just shurtcut(a teleporter with additional function of changing species...) and with using a spaceship(or something) You could just travel from one to another without changing form... just other explanation of this how scene on this picture is possible. 

And My Little Pony and Transformers crossover... that sound interesting. I'm really curious like it would turn out... because it could be very good or very bad... difficult to say. But after all this both series are made by Hasbro. Actually Equestria girls has even some Transformers references... 
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All three...voiced by Rebecca Shoichet!!! :D
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turn into a fire truck?  yeah  My little pony  transformers crossover. 
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So many universes. All different, all similar. Constants and variables.
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I like Sunset's face. Giggle Giggle Giggle Giggle 
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I know that there is a 'glitch' you can use when crossing other dimensions. If you knock yourself unconscious while jumping in through the mirror (by hitting your head against the top frame), whenever you reach the other side you'll regain your conscious while maintaining your original form. The headache is the only side affect though.
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Can i use it please
matmax426's avatar
Nice, but Sunset is a unicorn, not a human...
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Hooo Beauti¡¡¡¡ *u*
EpicCartoonsFan's avatar
Man... Sunset looks SO hot when she's about to eat a cupcake...
JetPowerFIE's avatar
Are you sure you're not just SS biased?
EpicCartoonsFan's avatar
Against Sunset Shimmer? Why would I be against her?
JetPowerFIE's avatar
Why would anyone be against Sunset Shimmer?  But biased towards her....that's a different story :D
EpicCartoonsFan's avatar
I looked up biased, and it said against someone or something.
JetPowerFIE's avatar
"For OR against something."  Bias is basically anything that throws the scales on a fair evaluation. I'm biased towards SS so I'm usually inclined to like whatever SS stuff I see. 
EpicCartoonsFan's avatar
Oh yeah, then I am definitely biased. Sunset Shimmer is best waifu all the way.
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Well if you like adventure too (and atleast don't mind tanks and planes) then I think you'll really like my project called Harmony Rift once I finally get it rolling. Sunset's the star and has (atleast I plan for her to have) some quite interesting character dynamic, advancing far on from where she is now to an absolutely insanely awesome REDACTED by the end of it.  Oops spoilers (edit: Spoilers :rectified.)

I'm not trying to say "Hey! Watch me! Plz!  Bla bla bla!" and all that, but I just think you'd like the direction most of my future art working is heading, so keep an eye out for it (and for the few music shorts with SS before hand too). 
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r they lesba\';]n/
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