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Face hugs, not drugs!
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Yay , Xeno's!:D (Big Grin) 
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Wish my butt looked that nice.
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el Xenomorpho Xeno Icon 
Pixelkitties comes out mostly at night. Mostly.
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circle of life for an exeomorph.
Flimflanboy's avatar
Can you do the Queen next?
AspiePie's avatar
And face huggers are worse then drugs!
TooCliched's avatar
Thank goodness I haven't experienced the xenomorph or facehugger in Alien: Isolation, love the first two movies though.
GlacierFrostclaw's avatar
and in a tabletop pony RPG group we just killed a bunch of these things. funny coincidence. nice job btw!
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Sasta-Koogrr's avatar
Oh, so appealing, so deadly.
MuttMix's avatar
This would make a great t-shirt!
The-Quill-Warrior's avatar
Impressively detailed for vectorised images. ^^
flippedoutkyrii's avatar
This needs to be an anti-drug campaign :D
MoonOfSouls's avatar
Nope nope nope nope nope nope. I'm good, my face is not being violated by that thing. :iconinekoitplz:
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The literal king of dickheads!
KennyMcCormix's avatar
Facehugz and chest bursts for days! :la:
Maphisto86's avatar
I can get behind this new policy from our Engineer overlords. I has Alien 
DestinyDecade's avatar
Considering that I had fun with the Xenomorph in Mortal Kombat XL, appropriate. Nice addition of facehuggers in the pic. Useful for the fact that Alien's Konjurer variation does that.

Overall well done.
amalgamzaku's avatar
they are both adorable. 
RaptorCee's avatar
As long as they dont come out of the walls we would be fine..but....
best to stock up....just to be on the safe side
Darkwings45's avatar
Awesome work!!! :D
Tin-Foil-Hat-101's avatar
That reminds me, I need more Peptobismol.  
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