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A Nightmare on My Street Darling

Since it's a landmark day in the world of My Little Pony, I felt it important to upload something to my long-neglected Deviant Art account!  I have some commercial art featured in products for the movie itself...but I can't post any of that yet!  So instead have something more in line with the reason for the season- spooky monsters and nice ponies!

I tend to wax nostalgic about my time and incredible fortune working on MLP art, but it really is astounding to me that I'm still here...or here at all!  It's certainly not the path I charted in art school, but truth be told it's much much better than anything I could have hoped for.  Thanks everyone for keeping me excited, happy and sane all these years!  It's the enthusiasm of friends and fans in horse fandom that makes all of it worthwhile!
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It could have been an interesting episode crossover.

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Fighting monsters is still FABULOUS ~ <3
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1, 2, Luna's coming for you.

3, 4, Better lock your door.

5, 6, Get a element real quick.

7, 8, Don't stay up late.

9, 10, Never sleep again.
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You know that this is Princess Luna’s job you know to help everypony’s dream.
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Sometime, taking an unexpected opportunity lead us to new ground way more interesting than what we had planned before. It's great you find some good thing taking and can now make a living out of it. I hope you will have more fun and happy years!
As someone who hates Freddy Kreuger, seeing him get his ass kicked is always a pleasure. :D
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nice entrance luna!!!
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This is why Freddy never became a brony XD
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Freddy: Sorry, kid. But I don't believe in fairytales!
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Oh, nice reference!
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Yessss! I hate Freddy Kruger.

BEautiful work
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Heya Pixel, nice piece and glad to see ya again. How's things?
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And if you'll have any spare time to say hi to us, that'll always be a welcome and happy occasion.
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Very cool, I really like this piece.
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Thank you for your wonderful art, your creativeness and staying awesome over all these years! Looking forward to see all your amazing future work! <3
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Princess Luna: Sorry, no nightmares allowed, so says, Luna! ;-)
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Hey, it's Freddy Krugger. 
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Oh how much wish to see more of this in the show :D
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"I am the princess of the night: it is my duty to KICK YOU IN THE FACE IF YOU TRY TO HARM MY SUBJECTS IN THEIR OWN DREAMS!"
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Freddy got of easy. She vaporized the poor Headless Horse.
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